Angel Soul ~by Linda Willows

The angel soul finds
this the darkest twine;
an ivy grown from garden mine,
bleeding to blush
the white softness of Thine.
Tempered, stilled,
a grieving old vine.

Sweet were all callings,
Oh then Lord I wept.
I needed to feel
that by You I’d be kept.
Twining my heart is a blush
kept to bear
Keeping me from you,
it needs so to wear…

Angel soul, dark entwine,
how will you find
Lord, the Sweet,
Divine All,
Loves’ true Enshrine.

Β©2012 Linda Willows

Photography by Christian Weiss


26 thoughts on “Angel Soul ~by Linda Willows

    1. Oh Heart Divine…these threads weave both ways….some cover the light, and would bleed the divide, Others, soft true lead back….Yes, always for us a Way ….a Divine, a True Keeper of the Soul’s Light which shines, becomes and Loves……thank you GSF…for you wise promptings, love to you, Linda


      1. I love You Too –
        seriously Linda
        was just reading Byron the other day —— πŸ™‚
        You’ve connected to something so Pure and so Sacred …………… It’s soooo Inspiring …..
        Feels Like a new style or depth of words is bubbling up from the HEART OF YOU πŸ™‚
        πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
        Gorgeous xoxoxoxo


  1. Linda, I always enjoy your posts. Your poetry beckons to me to pause and ponder. This piece was exceptional. I love the rhythm and the word choice, the beauty in its adornment and its brevity. The best poets say in as few words as possible what touches the deepest caverns of the soul. You are one such poet. πŸ™‚ Eric


  2. Soul will take the deepest, darkest vines of our selves and unravel with light and love until the light shines through every thread … and we are at last joined with Source. This is a hauntingly beautiful piece, dear friend, I love it. ~ Much love, Julie xoxox


  3. I am always so very happy to embrace one of your beautiful poems each day, and your images always brings such life to the message in the poem! This one is another gem of beauty…thanks for always sharing Dear Linda, you always make a day better! I thought of you and tonight I nominated you for the 2012 Blog Of The Year Award! It was posted tonight on my blog and you can find the shortlink on twitter and also here You and your poetry will always be very special to me…thanks for sharing the richness of your treasure to us. Much love to you Linda!


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