Held ~by Linda Willows

Owoman378172ffEnzo Perrazziello

Dropped like the petals of yesterdays bloom
this, as the leaves of my heart peeled too soon.
When is the bud, a promise, a hope,
how can time furrow all into cocoon.

Dare I open and shine in the sun,
brine the leaves as they warm in dew’s run.
This I would languish and freely desire
yet clipped in the winds would be fate’s conspire.

Dripping instead, are these petals so fair
almost naked to touch, soft, not dare,
core of a Heart that wanted to live.
Breathe in the air that God’s nature could give.

Blossom these petals and find their fair time.
Lift from the fragrance its’ sweetness sublime.
Open and tender the Heart deep to wide,
Let soft leaves caress and Hold Dear beside.

 ©2012 Linda Willows

Photography by Enzo Perrazziello


28 thoughts on “Held ~by Linda Willows

  1. The bud as a “promise of hope” ~ such a comforting and inspiring vision. It is that way… every flower holds this promise it seems… the blossom that will be Grace ~ and Love.
    Thank you always dear Linda ~ Much Love to you, R


    1. So beautifully put, Robyn, and yes…the blossom holds the promise of Grace perhaps known as the true Presence of an Eternal Love, held in promise from the very beginnings as a spark of hope at the core of the bud….one which cannot be dimmed, regardless, it rises throughout, perhaps through many seasons, yet to ultimate birth….There is no other fate possible, the core must reveal Itself…Love, Linda


  2. Oh, this poem took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes with its sheer beauty, dear Linda; your words knocked gently at the door of my soul and let themselves in to wash over me … this is exquisite. I love it, and you, dear friend. Much love and gentle hugs, Julie xoxox


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