Loves’ dare ~by Linda Willows

What must have suspended the breath, this night
calming to tone with all sound of delight
The hum of a heavenly bird caught sight…
the sweet song’s divine yet innocent invite.

Can another make such peace so still, inferred,
winding throughout like incense and myrrh…
calling to hum with some magical confer,
Love dared to enter and left all with her.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Kemil Kemal


12 thoughts on “Loves’ dare ~by Linda Willows

  1. Thanks, Linda, for sharing. Your poetry is a deep well in the middle of a stark desert that the wanderer has to stop for a while and admire. I ponder your many facets, the way the sun shines in each verse and the heart is revealed one line at a time. Thank you for making me stop, stare and muse in mind on this new morn! 🙂 E


  2. So beautiful the moment, and also so very satisfying, as receiving the first kiss of love! You captured a tasteful and beautiful moment that will last in ones heart as a cherished treasure while they rest so breathless in love’s deep wholesome essence! Linda your words always move my heart to sweet delight as I feel the love that you always share in your words of life. Much love to you Linda!


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