Loves’ Sigh ~by Linda Willows

11f9ae05e022d5ea932476bbfd5c64f2Love dares to return
with most gentle refrain,

Lapping into waters,
that seek her warm gain.

Rocking sweet rhythms
that open hearts’ door,

Soaring through heavens
and gifting adore.

Softly I rise from my
dream of the night.

Finding Love wings on
my shoulders a light.

Flutter of beauty
caressed my heart bright,

As I sighed, let breath,
and smiled in delight.

©2012 Linda Willows


20 thoughts on “Loves’ Sigh ~by Linda Willows

    1. Yes, inevitable…Love finds Itself…drawn to the dwelling of It’s mystery…and Love does find Its way in…again..I am happy to hear your wise and beautiful words, you are a Beautiful Soul, Love, Linda


  1. So magnificent Linda… And to wake from the dream holding the Love that was found in that state of nonresistance and pure heart… That is such a gift indeed! Loved this dearest one! Beautiful….Love you… Robyn


    1. You have elegantly lifted the most important item…that Love was found in the Wake of the Dream of duality and Holding….that it finds Itself in the state of nonresistance and pure heart! this so beautiful, a knowing…mystery unfolded as we rise in consciousness….Love, Its Divine Birth, Its Reveal and the Manifestation of this on all planes of existence is indeed the splendor that we Wake to…..Love, Linda


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