Whisper, my heart whispers ~by Linda Willows


Whisper, my heart whispers, and the silence will not come. Love winds stir the chambers and disrupt the peace yet done.

Shall I ever feel the words or simply let them fall and run. Shall I end this clever hiding; give my heart its freedom won…

Simple to denounce all, hide deep and cloak with the Still. Adept at all the motions, I have yet danced to mark my will.

Yet the whispers do not cease and my soul does hear their call… words ache into opening and reveal Loves’ deep flawed fall.

Whisper, my heart whispers and the silence will not come, Peace, it measures justly sees the heart, to Love succumb.

©2012 Linda Willows


11 thoughts on “Whisper, my heart whispers ~by Linda Willows

  1. So beautiful Linda. This really spoke to me. It’s so haunting how the heart calls and we cannot be still for long enough to fulfill the ultimate reunion. We’re always longing, but we never surrender fully.


    1. the heart calls with Its wisdom,, It calls from Grace and Love, It’s Knowing longs to awaken us when we fall back, fall down or fall towards an unknowing slumber rather than Feel…come into Flow and Allow all to be, returning all to the Breath of Being, that Grace, forgiveness and personal blessing occur, almost similar to the need for a “baptism” by the Waters, which must be motions by a Higher Power, only this releases Peace…and fulfills reunion….all my love to you Yaz, Linda


  2. Such truth woven into these words… We build a shell around our hearts protecting us – from life! We abdicate our very human-ness our spirit mind-ness. As the heart opens, as we tear down our false beliefs, the heart shows us our error, and life begins to flow through us – let the wind carry me! Beautiful Linda…


    1. Beautifully written and expressed GFS,… I love the call that you have made to the Wind! Let it carry us all! thank you for your contribution and sharing from your heart and soul!


    1. Sensitive only as we each are, in the beautiful chambers of the seeking Heart…each Soul, all of us Souls seeking the embrace of the Beloved…release from our self made bondage….thank you for your kindness…It am so glad you liked the poem, Love, Linda


  3. The embrace of your words makes my heart sing…no truer words spoken in your wonderful poem! I long always to hear His whispers awaken me in the middle of the night…it is always the very best part of my life…for His whisper rejuevenates me, breathing healing rhythms into my heart and spirit and also bringing with it a delicious renewal of my soul! I loved your poem and its image Linda…your words always sing a very precious song! God bless!


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