Held softly in my heart ~by Linda Willows

Let the winds of my heart
pour dear, pour more
sounding the words,
the notes that reach fore.
Vowels that ache
and moans left to call,
silence kept peace
like a pact not to fall.

Now the winds blow
and stir all to flee.
oh the kept messages,
burnt into me…
How could I love
and hold so much dear;
How could I turn
all my heart in to tears.
Find all the layers
that lifted to give…
free them, release them,
I want them to live.

I am not bound,
I am still here to see,
all rejoice in new love
that allows life to be.
Oh Peace, it comes lightly,
like winds of a new day.
softly in my heart,
held dear in Loves’ Way.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photography by Leszek Paradowski


19 thoughts on “Held softly in my heart ~by Linda Willows

  1. Loved this Linda ~ those winds — they free and sing songs of freedom and inspiration ~ call us to Joy and to Love ~ those blessed winds that release us ….
    Thank you dearest one ~ you are an angel in so many ways ~ Robyn

    1. and for that call to Love, Peace and Joy….the Winds do rise and bless us, our Hearts, renew, our wounds Heal, all responds in Joy to the Call that re-Sounds Peace, speaks Its’ Name in the Motion….Leads us and Wraps us in the Love of all Being, this we honor….thank you, Robyn…I know that this is the Journey of Peace and Love for you as well…..so sacred and so real, Love you, Linda

  2. I really delighted in reading this as you wrote so eloquently of the beauty of the heart’s winds releasing everything that can heal, and empower us. This was so heartfelt and really beautiful. Your wonderful soul brings out such beauty, Linda.

    1. Thank you….it takes a bit of Heart to write about Healing itself, to open and be a transparent Soul…here, everywhere….in writing, is the beauty of Loving more, lifting more and offering the Heart once again, It becomes an experience of the Wind motioning the heart again, asking…hoping, then Knowing and coming to Peace….then to Share this is another peace…..it is Love as well, Linda

  3. It is the truth of life and love that allows us to feel such depth of emotion, to swell our hearts and souls with the flood that is tears, that is hope, that if fearlessness. It is love that allows us to know the true fullness of life. It is divine grace that moves us to become one with that very same grace. Beautiful, Linda. ~ Love, Bobbie

    1. Yes, Bobbie the divine grace move us to become one with the fullness of Life, Love and fearlessness, a name of Love itself does motion us to become one with the same. Thank you so much for your beautiful and wise words which spark my heart and tender Love again in its reading….You are such a Beautiful Soul…Love, Linda

  4. I am always swept away by the blend of breathtaking images blended with your sweet rhapsody of words. It is always such a beautiful thing to taste of His love that flows from your spirit each day…in such a magnificent way…that i too know so well! Thanks for the healing blessing today Linda! God bless!

    1. I do feel, and get “swept away” when I write, Wendell, it is a blessing that I do not take for granted, I do know that you feel this in your poetry as well…Love to you, ever for this is the way of the Beloved, Linda

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