Wake me Wonder ~by Linda Willows

Walk me wonder,
through your halls
that whisper prayers
the dew dripped air.

Walk me wonder
walk me through
your mighty,
gentle Elder Greens.
my heart lifts as
the boughs
lean into my path
with embrace and care.
See me knowing
that yes,
I see; I dare.

Walk with me wonder
take me to
the still silence
that sings its’
own songs, oh,
such mirth, melody,
the monotone birth…

Wake me Wonder.
I dissolve to all
of your beauty,
weep for the joy
of your knowing,
touch the delicate
being that lives
and that the
most wondrous
love that gives.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photography by Marek Kiedrowski


8 thoughts on “Wake me Wonder ~by Linda Willows

  1. Your wonderful poem is a sweet blessing of praise and love for our Lord! Your words radiantly embrace my spirit and feel me with their joy…as we know, we can visit with him always and enjoy the comfort of His love. Image and poem, both taste of pure serenity! Thanks for lifting my heart and spirit tonight! Much love to you dear sister! And may your blessings from your gift never cease!


  2. Linda, beautiful, uplifting words, dear friend – a lovely poem rich with depth and spirit that is your unique gift. I love this! ~ Sending much love and gentle hugs your way today, Julie xoxox


  3. Oh how your words melt into the heart, who could help but not be drawn into the forest,and the seaside of love, the awning of the Almighty that live not without us be within and through us. Consciousness separates us, love joins us together, consciousness of love returns us to our home … Beautiful Linda ….


    1. Oh, I am swooning over your words, GFS..the forest as the “awning of the Almighty…Love joins us together, consciousness of love returns us home”! So true. You enhanced the tone of the Wonder and majesty of the Almighty. We indeed walk beside, within and towards this miraculous Love Consciousness as well as find it within ourselves, throughout, joining us to one another, to all and to ALL. Yes, to Home. Sending such Love to you and gratitude too!


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