Love’s true leap ~poetry by Linda Willows


Fly me into to the marvel of You,
the wonder that pools deep inside iris blue.
See my Love lift and become Godly Dew,
misting the airs that soft wander through.

Fly me into the heart of your own,
the deep, full keeping of Love’s wonder sown.
I dive to the deep of full river’s keep,
this current, of wonder, of my Love’s true leap.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photography by Billy Monday


6 thoughts on “Love’s true leap ~poetry by Linda Willows

  1. I could actually hear the waves pulling back Linda, and as I read your words at the same time, I felt what I’d feel if I were standing right there….your words. I love to listen to certain photos.


    1. Thats lovely, Yaz. For this one, I wrote the poem first, then when on a search for the photo that would fit certain aspects of the poem and feel it on it’s own. at learst on several points. I also love to re-edit all of the photos myself to help to give them a certain feel or or tone which relates to the photos, this the often use of deepened color, and lights and darks to extreme….just me…supporting the meaning of the poem…so that the visiual is a prompt which sets then, the TONE of the poem or prose to come. I am still learning much and marvel both at great photophy asd well as great photograply new and old…Love to you, Yaz, Linda


  2. Linda – the words capture the hearts song, a rhythm that beat like the nature surrounding us. Whether love for God, for life, for self, when true it aligns with nature and fills our harbor, lifts our boat to sail on a the wind. Each voyage our own to choose… Beautiful as always… Thank you….


    1. Yes, GFS! thank you!…you have heard the song of this poem very well! When the hearts “song” or deepest calling is heard it is does pull all into a deep alignment, a lifted fullness that is ready for our greatest Love, that Love must must pour, In dwell and dive deeper into the mystery of the “Blue” iris, the figurative “pituitary”, or the solitary eye, ( I ) or the eyes of another with Love…. Thank you for the inspiration of your comment, you always amaze me! Love to you, Linda


  3. Your words serenade my heart like an angels heavenly hymn. Surely they provide a needed taste of bliss, that radiates inner peace into one’s heart, mind, and soul! Such a natural high, is provided lovingly, for though it flows through your words, their beginnings flow from His eternal resevoir…from where he lovingly pours His love daily into your hear! Breathtakingly beautiful…dear Linda!


  4. Oh, this is a beautiful poem – it gave me goosebumps! I just love the photo that complements your words so well. Beautifully penned, dear friend. ~ Love, Julie xoxox


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