Embrace ~by Linda Willows

Walk towards
all with
sweet steps new
ground soft warm,
reaches to you.
Love clouds beckon,
wide embrace
such touch of grace.

©2012 Linda Willows


Photography by Skyla


26 thoughts on “Embrace ~by Linda Willows

  1. I love the photo Linda. I can imagine that the words came flowing from you as you looked at the photo. Is this how you work? I’d love to know how you are inspired. Beauty just pours from you. Its wonderful. Not one poem of yours that I have read is average. They are beautiful. Please consider writing a post about your inspiration. It would be magical.


    1. A wonderful topic Yaz! I always have a motivating “pull” from my heart first, that is “full” and ready for creative expression (it is a feeling that is very particular)….it is almost palpable and sensed from the ‘heart center’….Then I search for a photo, which is usually a very exhaustive search, but sometimes…in searching for a photo, I see one like the one above, which is not ‘what I was prompted to find, but rather a completely new possibility and I cannot resist the beauty of it, so I, of course, let the photo speak a bit, then return with the inspiration that it has prompted from my Heart. Sometimes a photo can prompt a very beautiful or spiritual memory or experience that then inspires the poem. Love to you, Yaz……I love your suggestion! I will do it….


      1. Thank you for sharing this Linda. Whenever I read your poems, I wonder how it arrived on these pages. It would be a gift to hear it from an artist, the process from start to finish and the feelings that emerge in between. I look forward to reading your blog on this. Lots of love always.


  2. When i saw the image before reading your words, i felt my spirit walking with you together, towards the one who is the Captain of our hearts! The photo, along with your tender words illuminates the deepest parts of one’s heart and soul! Amazingly beautiful dear Linda, it’s warm embrace is a most pleasant treasure, and the moment spent reading your words and bathing in wonderful image… so purely divine! Much love to you always my beloved sister!


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