Love spared, heart dared… ~a poem by Linda Willows

Love spared, heart dared
lost and fallen
All the turns
that burned
to fire
now keep a
dark and
painful hire.
Keep that wooden
wordless weep.
It hallows from
some lost place deep.
Let her whisper in no speak
words no care, no
dare to leak…
shine about, one
small and caught
tears to little to
be sought. Not important
Wait until. An hour, or day
that listens will.
Not here, not now
no place for me.
I burn the silence
deep, deep in thee
hollow wooden wordless weep
that promise of
my turn to keep.
Heartfull time..
time to speak,
not now, this hour
this time, this week.
swallow heart
and tear to tow
no one needs
to feel
to know.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Mohammadreza Rezania


4 thoughts on “Love spared, heart dared… ~a poem by Linda Willows

  1. The only time ever to share who we are is now. If we do, and the beauty of that is missed, it is not for our heart to suffer but those who had not eyes trained to recognize light. This is beautiful, Linda. Thank you for sharing such deep feelings. ~ Love, Bobbie


  2. fascinating, was, on my part an “allowing” , entry into the most bare almost wordless exploring, most longing, vulnerable areas of the Heart Life…should it live in deep wild forests, it would truly express a wisdom part of the life cycle of all life…..Thank you for your depth of insight, Love to you, Linda


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