Yes, my love, still ~a poem by Linda Willows

Yes, my answer is
yes… I love you
through every mortal
challenge that
comes fierce,
takes blight,
runs sudden,
rips in with a dare
that could brightens a dull night…
Romances all the places
saved for “later”.
Yes. Still…
my dear Heart, Bright.

Yes, my answer is
yes…I love you
through every mortal
Some dark, they
I don’t know why
such fight…
Love so peaceful,
heaven’s portal
God, immortal…
yet the darkness does ignite
a followed chaos by birthright.
How Found,
my love, our own true Might.

Yes, my love,
my answer is yes.
I love you through
every challenge
come through,
Pure light is
the bond that stands
bold and true.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photographs by Grafik


5 thoughts on “Yes, my love, still ~a poem by Linda Willows

  1. Isn’t it wonderful Linda, how we sense the divine in everything we experience, even though our first reaction is to reject it in our pain. Yet as the pain eases the divine is always there, never having gone. The divine IS love. This is a beautiful poem.


  2. So stunningly beautiful Linda ~ the ultimate Love story — Divine Love and surrender. I basked in this … so much appreciate your wonderful work …. & my answer is YES! xo RL


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