Keep Me… ~a poem by Linda Willows

Don’t leave
me here,
don’t fade away.
I prayed
that you…
might ever

When seems,
that you,
are far,
I melt.
My edges
with tears;
deeply felt.

now within
Love’s dear
I rise
with the
trust of
beloved mind.
Keep this promise.
That I will stay…
Know my own heart.
Know my Soul’s way.

How could
you go,
how could
you leave?
My heart
is enshrined,
into your
soul’s weave.
Keep me inside,
Keep me still.
Keep me ever.
God keep your Will.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Mariya Vetrova


16 thoughts on “Keep Me… ~a poem by Linda Willows

  1. I know you’re here!
    I am honest as the day,
    But none of us can know
    What will come to pas.
    Now you’re here, please stay!
    Since you came to be with me,
    Twined into the fibre of my being.
    I am fulfilled! I feel complete!


  2. Your words life essence swept my heart away, leaving me breathless! I am at a loss for words, and yet i am completely enthralled by what i feel after tasting of their beauty! A magnificent poem so very deeply passionate and inspiring which will stand the test of time…i send my love to you always Linda, for you are deserving of sweet praise! Blessings to you always, for you always make my day!


  3. and so it is, the great one, our true soul’s mate, lives beside us always, only we turn away, we choose not to see, and so he waits, she comes to find again, the presence ever near, ever loving – Beautiful Linda


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