“I feel loved” ~a poem by Linda Willows


I am filled, I feel loved,
sweetly known,
some One home.

I am held.
I feel touched.
My heart pressed,
lone time blessed.

In some dance,
I feel shifts
as if breath sweeps all lifts.

I sigh, weep
and smile up
head bowed low
in outflow.

My arms raise,
my hands praise.
Love has lifted my gaze.

I am filled, I feel loved,
not alone;
at God’s Throne.

©2012 Linda Willows


8 thoughts on ““I feel loved” ~a poem by Linda Willows

  1. Thank you Valerie, I am actually just carrying you all with me in my soul, heart, very human journey….in real moments as I pause to write and pour what is “present”….it helps me, and soothes my own heart…..hopefully touches other, Love, Linda


    1. Yaz…to feel filled is indeed a moment to add to grace and gratitude…grace for the knowing that it is indeed the Touch of something Greater than one Self, and gratitude for the true appreciation and grateful notice of a mortal and spiritual miracle that graces self…for when we Love deeply and fully, we are then “touched” by Love. The grace of Love and its cleanse of fear and all opposite itself… creates the miracle of the “Touch”..the Be Loved….and the experience of being loved becomes……..


  2. There is no greater fulfillment than the type of Divine Love experience you describe dearest Linda… again and again your pen creates the most stunning verses…. Adored this… xo R


  3. I love how you make the words work for you rather than you working for the words, they fit together like the petals in a a flower bloom …. “and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart…”


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