the edges ~a poem by Linda Willows

edges are founding inside of my heart,
building until the sharp features give start,
bending my poise and ladylike art
they stab at my stance and pull wonder apart.

what permit gives rise to a vein shudder this
one shadowed and darkly, red tidings dismiss,
though heart beats so slowly amidst all remiss…
the edges are forming that lead to abyss.

oh God, let the woman to harken some heed,
listen, or take any balm she may need…
will You be the one that is the intercede
before all the edges fill hearts’ core to bleed.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Jaroskav Monchak


23 thoughts on “the edges ~a poem by Linda Willows

  1. So strong the meaning of your poem Dear Linda and hit and touch me so much as i see in your poem and photo too myselfe and many others ofcourse.
    As living the life at the edges is like to slip as child in a seesaw ,just like to play in dangerous way with Life …for sure is a way to forget the trauma as all human beings we have..but the result is always to feel more dizzy and tired living in so heights sharp levels at the edges…
    your wise words as to find the balance in the middle ,at the core of Heart is for sure the treatment …
    Thanks about that so excellent ,strong poem


    1. Thank you dearest Persefoni, for the deep wisdom in your comment. We share, each of us more than we may realize for the Heart is so tender at core….it is one thing to explore the edges in a poem, as a poet fills true feelings to the page to be bared by all that pass…yet they are encapsulated in the life of the word. It is another to take such into life….here where you speak so eloquently of Balance. All my love to you, and deep thanks, Linda


    1. You have a wonderful sense, Cat by lighted upon the word “Intercede”. It is the key to everything. Not only for the poem, but for so much in Life. With its Latin roots its meaning is “to enter into the Midst of Surrender”…. Love to You, Linda


      1. Awwwwwww xx
        i forget to surrender – The word “intercede ” is a big one – a bright beautiful one –
        i have been = no longer – into the word – supersede –
        my own expectations of myself – u know ?
        “INTERCEDE ” much kinder – gentler – soft soft word –
        enter into surrender …….
        That’s gorgeous Linda xx Really truly is xx
        Have a beautiful weekend .
        always always gravitating to your poetry – 🙂 xx
        like a magnet heart xo


  2. To me a beautiful prayer dear Linda — Acknowledgement … a cry for help of sorts – disillusionment – but also hope and faith in restoration of the bleeding/weeping heart — the heart that has been hurt — by the sharp edges … Divine love will heal them ~ xo Much Love to you wise friend ~ Robyn


    1. Yes my dear friend, Acknowledgement on a mortal level of heart, yet we cannot turn away or shun what weeps or grieves; it would be like disowning…naming the mortal “vein” less it become obstruction and swell to obstruct the Breath of Spirit….humbling the ego that imagines itself so tall and able to construct Face upon Face that enters a substitute for true Grace…this only sharpening the edges of ego and mortal pain….and the prompting which asks for Divine Love, our God to Intervene….the One True Source of All……all my Love to you, my brave and true friend.


  3. There are hurts we cannot speak of, and yet, somehow time gives us words. And in the words, an understanding and forgiveness. To close my heart is to close it to healing ~ and there is no greater love than that which we give to our enenmies, to those who would steal our very breath. In the giving of what seems impossible, we become greater than the sum of all evils. At times, I feel air catch in my lungs and I get a cramp in my side and this ache, this wonderful physical ache that I can place, reminds me that after all I am still alive. And in that, I am bliss. I am a river of bliss. Beautiful, Linda. ~ Love, Bobbie


    1. Sensitively and tenderly spoken, Bobbie. Your reflection adds another dimension yet when you refer to forgiveness and its vital role in Grace and Healing. We cannot close to pain or we “stop our own breathing”, as it is a part of living as well. We, in keeping the Heart Open…need to awaken to the realization that This Same Heart is of a mortal and an Immortal Nature….one transitory, fixed to the Life, memories and distinct path of encountered experienced of the lifetime; and the other, Immortal…of the Soul, of a Higher Keeping which lives in Constancy…Is aligned with the Source of Love and Grace, and Reaches ever to each to become Known, Heard and Experienced as True. This is our true measure and balm, which softens, invokes Grace, and precedes all prayer for Intercession…It is the Spark of this Blissful Aliveness which warms the Core, even if, most especially if, our mortal roots come to distress…………..Love you, thank you for inspiring me to speak from your own deep commenting, Linda


  4. This reminds me of the first stirrings of depression, when something dark begins to grip at the heart. You say it beautifully Linda. And we do cry out in just this way, because it bends the poise and pulls wonder apart.


    1. the poem can be interpreted by one in many ways and what you say is quite true yet it also reflects other experiences of the heart, such as a sole experience in the lifetime whose impact leaves such a ‘tear’ that the wounding itself causes a recurrent ‘edging’ which over time is relived as the trauma itself….It can be multiple traumas….early in life, that leaves “edges” in the heart of an innocent child…. The Heart, the history and the pain in mortal life can be extensive yet it Hides. The Ego builds upon it, the stiff persona fights against any kind of vulnerability. If we feel….it is often labeled a ‘failing’ of the self to stay “raised up”. Rather, let us carry the child that falls, the one inside that may feel too much, or the ‘wrong thing’ and love her as well; Pray for her divine Mend, and claim this too, as mortal as it is, as the softness and the mercy of who we may, or someone near may be as well. In Grace…there go I. In God’s mercy….I love her, I Love Her as me. And we find all to be One in Love. Thank you for extracting this from me Yaz, I would not have spoken, otherwise. It is the depth of your own Heart and Love that brings all forward, Love…Linda


  5. Wow, this one resonates deeply with me, my friend. Your ability to reach into heart and then reach out to spirit and connect the two is just simply amazing, and a balm to my soul. Slowly the edges are softened; the heart unfolds and opens and the tears are filled with light. This is a beautiful poem, with much wisdom, depth and inner knowledge; thank you so much. ~ Love always, Julie xoxox


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