lost, gone, on this day ~a poem by Linda Willows

Hush if too tender the might that they know,
the etchings that carve out and stop my hearts flow.
Oh, God give the feel of inside of this vein
just a bit to be less, just to lessen the pain.

Hush if too tender when pressed in this way,
I promised I would not come by, nor speak, say…
Nothing too sacred, nothing to feel,
Oh Heart, when you do, must the inners reveal?

Too quiet and sacred to ask me to bleed,
I only had left this one chamber to plead.
Now all is still and the child waits in stay…
for her heart was most surely lost, gone, on this day.

Β©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Kemil Kemal


34 thoughts on “lost, gone, on this day ~a poem by Linda Willows

      1. I sometimes think hearts don’t heal…..
        we tuck them away for the lesson learned doesn’t need to be repeated…ever….
        and life goes on….
        beautiful sentiments …I like to read your thoughts..


  1. Yes Linda – it seems the journey is both pain and joy ~ and love can weave it’s indicate beauty and mystery into each of these in wondrous ways… This piece was absolutely breath-taking ~ especially today xxoo Much Love and Gratitude to you always, Robyn


    1. We all share so much more than perhaps we realize. Your own open Heart Heals for others and we share this. I feel that somehow, as we come to understand that we are not really alone in any part of the journey, not in pain, nor in joy. Perhaps pain of any kind is humbling when it becomes great enough. We see that we are not the “in power of control” over something or a loss, event, whatever the source of the pain.. (or recognize that we cannot control certain things, hold, or change; especially the past) and we bend, bend fall….this bending that pain nearly enforces, can be a mercy, a grace,
      the hollowing out of self
      creates a hallowing
      a sacred opening, a possibility
      There, we may heal
      and Love


  2. Within the vessel which holds the ache, another remains for surely that which caused us to feel the ache is the source of our healing. Memories, once so fresh and jagged, become our solace ~ for time is a tide and one day we look down, surprised to find that most of the hurt is washed away. *sigh* I love this, Linda. ~ Always, Bobbie


  3. Sometimes when i read your poems my heart weeps. A amazingly haunting poem especially when wrapped in the embrace of the image…it left my spirit praying for a deep inner peace to come. You wrote it very well and i really felt it! Thanks for sharing Linda!


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