Cover me softly ~a poem by Linda Willows

Cover me softly, I tender
and feel the blue breezes so deep.
When the days wonders are rendered,
I soothe in the dreams of Souls’ Keep.

Come of the mornings as sweetly,
and let the bright shine softly new…
yet as the day wanders completely,
Oh, save my heart- wrap it for You.

©2012 Linda Willows


Photograph by O. Muskaya


21 thoughts on “Cover me softly ~a poem by Linda Willows

    1. Lady Day, Love…I put the stars on myself because I touched all of your message so gently but again and again…,feel like a child…so pleased in my Heart when the Deepest is Touched, and you, I know, are able to go to that Rare place….. I send the Soft to you, and thank you for all the “chills” to my Soul that have come from your own writings,
      Love Linda


    1. The Heart, is Fragile…well, I suppose I must speak only for myself…My own, is Strong, but also Fragile and One beauty of this is a Spiritual Tenderness which grows out of it which can “look backwards” and see the beauty, feel the softness, Allow this richness to be…, It asks for tender cover, and this sweet cloak is one of Love…., All to you Dear Robyn, Linda


  1. Such gentleness, such love, and subdued passion in this beautiful poem, my dear friend – I love “I soothe in the dreams of Souls’ Keep.” and “save my heart- wrap it for You” … exquisite phrasing. I love your poem! ~ Julie xoxox


    1. My dear friend Julie, so honored to have to here…thank you. You are one that really knows the depth of the “Souls’ Keep” and journey in and within it in your life and writings with grace and wonder. I love you, my friend, sending all the “soft”, all the “soothe of Soul’s Dream” to you, Linda


  2. Your Poems my dearest Linda,always so touching ,softly tender,as i could bare,telling my whole life story..So, never will be my Soul alone in this world or to another anymore …Thanks for this so precious Gift.


    1. Thank you very much, Melody..I love beautiful photographs and do work extensively to find exactly what I am seeking….in image, photographer, I do enjoy this aspect immensely as well, to me part of the “journey” too…seeking feelings somehow…until I see things that speak perfectly or inspire to the point that I truly would want to share on the blog. It is part of my interest! Love Linda


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