Sweet fallings… ~a poem by Linda Willows

feathers are falling, out from my heart
emptying, fleeing, flying about..
where can they go to have safe passage out,
where can they go to save their devout..

such delicate, tenders, they never would know
that day come to hollow, day to forgo..
all passing by with the speed of light’s tow,
night would be blessing, yet now all to woe.

feathers light falling, deep to the airs
here tender mights buried
like sweetened lost prayers.

©2012 Linda Willows



19 thoughts on “Sweet fallings… ~a poem by Linda Willows

  1. Thank you…I was not even going to print this…writers’ uncertainty and did not want to stay so dark.. yet there was a compelling need and sense in the write itself. I really appreciate your comment. Love, Linda


  2. Of the women I have known in my lifetime, those I admire the most are those who, even when broken, stood within the storm. In exposing their tender, most flawed selves, they revealed something more ~ the seed within the bloom ~ that their weakness and their strength were the same thing. When we open ourselves to the universe, we allow ourselves to be loved for all the best (and all the worst) we are, but at the same time, we are giving the universe the most wonderful gift ~ the gift of our soul ~ our sweet beautiful soul. This is extraordinary as only you could give us, Linda. I love this and you. ~ Always, Bobbie


  3. Oh …. This brought me to tears with its exquisitely painful beauty and truth. We must let go of all, and stand totally empty and bereft in our aloneness, so that we can be filled with total love and light. You do this in the most gentle way, accepting and knowing that the hollow places will be filled … and they will be, my dear friend, they will be. Truly, you have the most wondrous, loving soul I have ever seen, and I am blessed to know you. Thank you for this beautiful sharing. ~ Much love always, Julie xoxox


  4. Your words are so reflective of the beauty found within your spirit and your heart, many times i start not to share a certain poem, but i am always moved to share it in the end, we all have different reasons in our lives that find their way to live on a sheet of paper…but it is us and part of our being…your words, your images are always inspiring! Everything that I find you to share is always so very priceless. Keep on sharing dear sister…as you are always so very awesome!


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