Comes the Light ~a poem by Linda Willows

Where from darkness
comes the Light,
it hallows, hollows
fights with might.
Such the struggle
fears no night,
not without
this purge of bright.

Where the darkness
seeks the light
it longs embrace
for all lost nights.
Keep the heart dear
leave no tear,
bring the bright to her,
Stay near.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Kraen


18 thoughts on “Comes the Light ~a poem by Linda Willows

  1. How exquisite ~ a reminder of the light within all darkness. I love your expression of light never giving up, fighting always to purge the shadows. Truly inspired work. Light always trumps the darkness. ~ Love you, Linda. ~ Bobbie


    1. What a beautiful and truly insightful comment Bobbie. You have captured the spirit of the prose. The Light is a constant, never shaken, never lessened. It only grows in its brightness and strength. It is we that feel the battle and purge the shadows, ours to journey from darkness to Light. Thank you so much for your comment. Love, Linda


  2. Yes dear Linda – the balance between dark and light… I do think they need each other — and darkness does always seek light . I believe the merging of dark and light is a peaceful and wonderous place to focus. “bring the bright to her, Stay near.” ~ do love this line! xxoo Much Love wonderful Llinda ~ RL


    1. Perfect put, Dearest Robyn. Your word reflect all that the poem aims to say, especially the focus that it is that darkness that is seeking… The last line, I do love as well, quite special to me…. It could be to you! Much love to you!! Linda


  3. “The Light need not seek, only darkness is lacking”….such wisdom in your comment, Yaz. Thank you for your spirit and soul which speaks so beautifully. All my love to you and thank you deeply, Linda


  4. So many thoughts from this so excellent Poem and comments too ,flow from me ..
    as when someone is so close touch the Light there is dangerous to burn and when is far away cannot warm himself..
    So the choice of the Poem and poet too,to STAY NEAR ..seems so Brave ,tender and the Best!!!!
    near till the merge of the lights as that need a slow time because always close to merge rise a huge fear.
    Soul is eternal in motion with that aim and for sure will find a way the BEST to merge with ONE too.
    Bow to your poem and photo dear Linda.


    1. Thank you Persifoni, for your insightful, wise and generous comment. The choice of this poem to “Stay Near” as you emphasized was in the reference of Light. The Light, at its Brightest was lovingly called upon to stay near the Heart of the One in the Poem. This is the exact interpretation of the words… was a tender calling of .the Deepest of Spirit to Fill, Surround and Stay Near to this Dearest Heart…one that, like all, as has its own sojourn from darkness to light and battles for the Bright, Longs for the Bright, nothing other than darkness would fear closeness to the light……it Lives, Reveals, Revives, and offers a Grace of the Love that the Bright so miraculously beautiful, that one would never retreat from It’s glorious touch. O, the Near is a Grace of the Bright for each and all…..

      The Soul, in Eternal motion is Light Itself, Is already part of the One, and heightens its frequency and purity of being that it comes to deeper and greater stages of the Experience of this True Essence and Source of Love. It is indeed Near in the most esoteric, as well as the most pure and simple ways. One is Light.


  5. Oh yes … the darkness will ever desire the light, even when it seeks to hide from it in fear. And the light will ultimately find and illuminate all, and hold both near and dear in love. Your poems have such depth and soul wisdom – this lovely writing is no exception my dear friend. Beautiful. ~ Much love, Julie xoxox


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