Let my bare arms reach to fore ~a poem by Linda Willows

When I reach, is it You there?
As I stretch far…I seek your care.
I long for caress and need love’s air.
I thrust my arms out naked and bare.

I roamed and searched so far for you
I longed to feel some closeness too.
The dream inside that never ceased,
It mourned, it died…
dreamed more, released.
Effervescence of such love,
must have been born of light above.
How could an Essence steal such light
without permissions of God’s Bright?

Take my stretch then, pull it more.
Let this heart’s core charge that door.
Dancing forward always more,
Let my bare arms reach to fore
Let them reach…
to Love’s sweet Door.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Pauline Gola


19 thoughts on “Let my bare arms reach to fore ~a poem by Linda Willows

  1. Great Poem with Essence of interiority and wise so poetic words..
    For those as you dear Linda , with the arms bare ..for those as you that can see through the eyes of Soul..not need any permission…The Door is open to acept the Light one.
    charges,prices,pain.the way backwards and the past not exist anymore..You are Free.


  2. Karen, do you remember the photo of a young lady with piercing eyes and architectural features such as arches and pillars outlined on a golden wrap? I commented about how moved I was by the photo.

    Today I was perusing the stock in a local used bookstore and for whatever reason I began to think of that photo. The thought persisted, so I sat down in a chair and let my mind wander back to that photo. What a blessing as I reconnected with it in my mind/soul.

    I’m not sure why the photo continues to have such a profound impact, but like all great art, it speaks when I run out of words.

    Thank you again for that post. I was wondering if you might consider a re-post?

    Be encouraged!


    1. I will post the photo here if possible. The structure that you were looking at was the “Dome of the Rock” in Jerusalem, maybe that helps with your facination. I recognized it in the photo having been there years before


      1. I am not quite sure what the reason is for my continued…let’s just call it interest…I’m thinking fascination makes me sound like an old man, dressed in shabby clothes, with greasy fingers and snot running down his nose hanging out around a Catholic girl”s school…lol.

        Thank you for the update and the reblog.


  3. So beautiful and inspiring ~ makes me open my arms wide and high and REACH!!
    These are amazing words:
    “The dream inside that never ceased,
    It mourned, it died…
    dreamed more, released.”

    I don’t think the dream ever does cease — truly!! xxoo Much Love ~ R


  4. Linda, this is such an emotional piece ~ I can’t help but think of surrender, the intimacy of sacrifice ~ in offering ourselves (whole and open) to life, to love, to light. You move us all to that place you know so well. I know I am not the only one to be grateful. This is truly beautiful. ~ Love you, Bobbie


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