The Kiss ~a poem by Linda Willows

A Kiss did touch
and fly into
my Own.
It burrowed
through loss
and found true bliss
deep within the Its’ roam.

Dipped all into sweet nectar
of elix and light bound Soul,
such Kiss left me so Wanting
yet bound my Heart so whole.
Furrowing and languishing
finding my own all;
It burned through the walls
that could have hindered
It’s true call.

The kiss, as knew of…
flew through my own breath.
It leaped through all rendered,
fires below and above…
to meld new and all tendered.
To bring home,
Home to Love.

©2012 Linda Willows


Photograph by Olga Sokol


23 thoughts on “The Kiss ~a poem by Linda Willows

  1. Amazing the Poem and your choice of this Great photo dear Linda…
    my eyes are still in this picture Soul still read this Poem forever iam sure..


    1. Thank you Dear Persefoni, I knew that you might love this photo… most rare, I thought. You are so right in that it is a Poem to be read by the Soul…I love that you speak of that, All my love to you, Linda


      1. Oh thank you so much Linda — Love to you too. Lately not much for talking, but hopefully that will change ~ yesterday had some improvement and finally got out to the sea for a bit – hoping to do a post soon…miss participating here 🙂 But so thankful to have your truly blessed words to read each day! xxoo


  2. Lovely poem, dear friend – and what a beautiful photo! I just love this, and a perfect complement for your soul words. ~ Love and hugs to you, dear Linda! ~ Julie xoxox


  3. Such a beautiful work, Linda. And the image is perfect to betray the soul’s kiss ~ fleeting, gracious, and such an amazing miracle to experience. I love this…..the soul of the writer shines brightly beneath the wings. ~ Love you, Bobbie


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