“More Love…” ~a poem by Linda Willows

Photograph by Sergio Occhiuzzo

Turn the whole of me to Thou
I twist, I ache, I burn, I bow…
In the narrow veins come low
still dwells such prayer, the ones that know…
that in those parts that dwell all of,
even there need be more your Love.
Turn my face, my arch, my All.
Put whole of me within Thy enthrall.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Katerina Lomonosov


19 thoughts on ““More Love…” ~a poem by Linda Willows

    1. we love and in our living find the purification of Love calls for more than one may have ever understood or fathomed…what could flow in an earthly vein, is multiplied by a thousand and we are asked to love more, to learn more and turn to angles that we may never have even have fathomed to exist…but this is asked of the mortal, the soul, the ones that ask to Know Love as Sacred and grasp this Heart within as One’s Own….

  1. A so Wise jewel from words that poem dear Linda..and your comment above too..
    As in earthly veins flows the blood directly related with the LOVE through the Universal low of sacrifice .
    Veins are just all the roads in earth and inside us for find the True and Love…
    Thanks so much for this poem..i open a door with that..i hope so my dear Linda
    sometimes with

  2. Beyond the all, another all, and all we give (we are). To bend, to break, to breathe, to bear……..to love, to love, to LOVE! I love this, Linda…..for I know the power within us to become one with the universe (as we are). Truly, always there is more to give (more to love). ~ Much love to you always, Bobbie

  3. “Put whole of me within Thy thrall.” – an earnest supplication of love and faith; this is simply beautiful, my dear friend, beautiful. ~ Love and hugs for a lovely weekend, Julie xoxox

  4. Thank you dear Stephen, I was especially careful about the ‘light’ in the photographs, feeling that it added to the meaning…you are very perceptive! Thank you deeply for such a beautiful comment, love to you!

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