“Softly as I do” ~a poem by Linda Willows

Softly as I do,
Pour love upon for you
It rains upon my soul
as light becoming whole.

Softly as I do,
find tender in this hue,
I am lost in maze of new,
wondrous rare designs of you.

Softly as I do,
dare touch the soft in you,
there sounds a song so rare,
That heaven must be there.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Magda Berny


22 thoughts on ““Softly as I do” ~a poem by Linda Willows

  1. Noone till now has manage to touch in the way i was dreaming and wishing too ,my heart and my soul..
    My Fairy my sweetness Linda today i found because of you myselfe again…..so tender so softly..


  2. O, I love the message here, Linda ~ the understanding that entire worlds (eternities) exist within another ~ within their understanding, their grace, their flaws, their innocence. We are like snowflakes, none the same, but all divinely created. Regardless the brokenness, there is always love to be seen (by eyes trained to see). I know you know. ~ My love to you for another exquisite view into your soul. ~ Bobbie


    1. Thank you, I feel that you are right, that the soft and simple mode of the writing, stays with a feeling of ‘simple truth’, softly shared….no burden of love, just the purest essence left….and shared.


  3. My dear friend, this is absolutely exquisite! Soft as the heart that pours warmth over our souls … just beautiful. Beautiful beyond words. ~ Much love, Julie xoxox


  4. Reading your gentle words that are embraced by the soothing softness of the image, i visualize the sweet bliss of heaven’s peace…as my mind is massaged by its majestic rythmns. My heart is so at rest with the spirtual psalm your spirit brings to life from your never ending joy you find in Him! Too lovely to really describe, but truly a real blessing to enjoy. My love bows to your breathtaking words!


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