This Child of Mine ~a poem by Linda Willows

This Heart is soft, oh can’t you see
Just four and two; small years to be.
Take all the tens away and leave…
what’s left is tendered, childhood need.
It matters not now what I know;
this child, myself, lives deep below.
I feel her wander, called to test.
Is it safe to live, is it safe to rest?
In the night, she lies awake,
afraid to dream, lest nightmare quake.
Even though I hold her so
with love and mercy’s promise in tow,
her Heart still beats with trepid flow,
This child of mine, the one I know.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Paula Loonen


26 thoughts on “This Child of Mine ~a poem by Linda Willows

  1. Even through the lessons of living, the innocent child lies just below consciousness sometimes aghast at the wickedness of the world. We left the Garden of Eden and there was he’ll to pay… None the less the Hero protects her…


    1. your comment, grandfather, had much wisdom. I especially note that you understand that it is “even through the lessons of living”, which we do all share, each in our own way in our own Hearts….that there is, and you allowed this to be termed “the innocent child” …there is something disturbed at their own perception, experience and exposure to that which appears to be the “wickedness”,..I would call that/ All that is opposite to Love, Light, Presence of God. The poem, perhaps metaphor as well as personal and applicable to many Hearts more than my own, shown the Healing Path, the journey back and the calling of the Light to the “frightened child” which lives still in an unknowing darkness. Perhaps similar also to the ‘shadow’ feared in myth. The Hero, the ultimate embrace for This Child of Mine is the Divine Safety of Love which lives only in the Light and having seen ItSelf, is purely Whole…. Thank you for constantly bringing me to question and examine what I write. I am deeply grateful to you Grandfather. (Peter)


      1. Linda – this is how we grow, and a reason I find it so important to comment. Thank you for sharing your insights with so much heart, it is rare in this world … and you are very welcome !


  2. Linda, this poem was like a tuning fork to my heart. How long that inner child waits for each of us to comfort him or her? She cannot be buried so deep that she is forgotten for when one laughs, or smiles…that inner child is right there. This poem was lovely and eloquent. Thank you. 🙂


    1. I am so grateful for your comment. It would be my one wish that each would be mindful to cherish and be gentle with the inner child…to understand rather than to hide, to embrace and heal…love the hidden until all reveals as Light.


  3. This one just resonates with all I feel about the child within us all. She/he deserves to be nurtured and love – just as any new born baby does. Such stunning words to articulate a feeling that we all feel – and to help us tap into. The tenderness with which we care for ourselves is so very important ~ like planting seeds with a loving heart and faithful hands…. Loved this wholeheartedly Linda ~ Much Love dearest friend ~R


    1. Thank you Robyn, words beautifully put and said with wisdom…”like planting seeds with a loving heart and faithful hands”,..we realize that to nurture and love we must nourish with faith and Tenderness, our active loving makes the difference not just thoughts or a shift in regard. How do we know and love this child. In what ways do we claim him/her, in what Name?


  4. The poem leaves me breathless but reminds me of words i heard as a child and i still accept with an unwavering faith. One can only accept God if they come to Him as a child to their parent…believing that what they hear is and always will be an unchainging truth. I still pray “now i lay me down to sleep, i pray the lord my soul to keep, if i should die before i wake, i pray my Lord my soul to take. Our heartfelt praises that we daily bring before Him show that though we have aged and changed outwardly…that same child within me still depends on our Father and His always reasurring love! No matter how old i become, He is still the Father I love and adore! Thanks for taking me to that beginning place deep within!


  5. Yes, thank you for reminding us of our inner child Linda. i also try to remember that all the politicians, presidents, Ceo’s etc, all have a frightened child within, and the tougher they are, the more I suspect that their childhood’s were tough.,. When I remember this, it short circuits judgement, and softens my heart towards them. Then I find it’s easier to send love, and somehow help the world in this way. with love, valerie


    1. Well, that is one sensational thought, Valerie! You are remarkable. Thank you so much for adding that wonderful way of helping us not to judge others. And sending love to others is such a Heart service as well as a path to peace. Thank you so much for your comment. I send all my Love.


  6. How beautiful, Linda. I’ve often wondered aloud to God why we are blessed with the wonder of children. Surely, it seems torture to love anything so very much. ~ Always with love, Bobbie


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