“Love Wants” ~a poem by Linda Willows

Love wants in silenced breaths
That fall between and down along such waves that crest.
Its’ sprinkled hush casts a thousand lights,
As a gentle crush o’r all the seas in their mists’ o quest.
A fragile cloud of dew kissed ‘Bright’s’,
Shoots far into the skies in flight,
Seeking haven Heaven’s, Blessed.
Would Maker join the One with thou
If want were not to live somehow?
A breath instead more full and round,
Complete and sacred; intent re-found.
Would Maker free the pleas there-of,
The full and open pour that does
Exceed the waters, mists and skies above?
It Lights all lore, Its Name is Love.

©2012 Linda Willows



23 thoughts on ““Love Wants” ~a poem by Linda Willows

  1. Love, like the voyages of heros is a journey as much into our own heart, as into the heart of another, and into the heart of the world. This is a beautiful expression of that rising flower, its delicate fragrance, and its eternal mystery of expression… Love and blessings for you – Peter


  2. Eros,
    just through soul only could arise….
    Breathing as freedom and as silence too..
    no promises in a tender touch.
    as wordless poem flow,in a spirit hug.

    Just a part from a poem that i have writen before 2 years ago ..i think is a worst translation in my poor English but happy from my soul brave))))to post it here.
    My Love


      1. This is too beautiful dear Persefoni, you must write again, it is dancing out of your heart on Love as Light wakens. I love your/the light’s words; come from the river of Light…as Emergence. Hugs to you, wish you were near, Love Linda


  3. The beauty found in your words, moves my heart anxiously to bid them to always stay I want them to lift my spirit and my heart within their embrace, as my mind is lifted in a most serene way. For within their life there is a heavenly melody, where the spirit and love meet as one in a place that my heart has made to cherish its radiant voice for in reaching out to a special love. thanks for the blessing Linda…for such a wonderful gift of love shared today!


  4. Giant cathedrals have been built in its name and libraries filled with words that might attempt to describe it, and yet none as well as this. Though still it is beyond our ability to imagine, our ability to describe, our thoughts to inspire. Love is always more. Always more. Thank you, Linda. I truly love this and the heart that bursts from the words. ~ Always my love, Bobbie


    1. thank you from my heart for such words to say; I cannot connect that you could mean them for me, it must be the “light river” that inspires me, and drips the words into my heart that pens, then to a page. Grace…it is mine for I Love indeed with all of my Heart and Soul to the Infinite. I love you, my dearest Bobbie, so deeply grateful that you are there. Linda


  5. Such an elegant expression of Divine Love Linda… very much touched me. The image above your poem is so passionate and a perfect match — the love we have for self — is in essence the love we have for the Divine — this is so evident in your words to me. Nothing more brilliant and nothing more powerful. ~ xo Robyn


    1. Many thanks, Roby

      n, your comment touched me in return for your vision of the essence of both word and use of that particular photograph for this poem. To me it rises, and even goes on to indicate the propel which serves to prompt the passions, will and laws which unfold in the words “As Above, So Below.”….these words I find sacred in meaning and key to multitude Heart pourings., Loving All, Linda


      1. Most welcome Linda… yes – ‘As Above, So Below’ — this really captures the essence of it doesn’t it? Much Love to you dear one ~ your work is awe-inspiring…. ~R


  6. Words always fail me when I read your poems LInda, which is why you see my face, but never any words. Those old words came into my mind as I read today’s poem – love divine, all loves excelling, with love and appreciation, Valerie


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