“Every Godly Blue Sky Day” ~a poem by Linda Willows

Heart, hear my say,
“Let not life pass this way,
Without touching each corner,
and curve of my day”.
I call out to seize
what may feel through the maze
Of all that might dim
or lessen Love’s gaze;
and Upon Its reflection,
the Soul; set ablaze.
And in such endeavor
For the Love and the Beloved,
bind in sacred glory Rephrase.
Then, awaiting your gate
I seal my own fate.
This, small cloud awaiting,
such brief moments of abate.
Heart, hear my say,
“Let not life pass this way,
I fly winged into,
every Godly Blue Sky Day.”

©2012 Linda Willows

photograph by Remi Bridot


15 thoughts on ““Every Godly Blue Sky Day” ~a poem by Linda Willows

    1. These “blue sky Godly days” are one of the eternity of reminders that we encounter to Awaken. To open the window between our selves, lives, inner moments and perception and “slice” Through In an Through into the Infinite “Blue”, a moment reflective of the Realization that One is fully Alive in, within and beyond All apparent, able to joyfully receive the View of God’s Spacious Sky, unwritten, enveloping embracing all that Lives in Its Vastness. This, we aspire to, to peak, as if upon a cloud carried by soul heart, and for brief yet vast moment, View/Feel/Know All. This is the song of seizing the day. Its gifts are so sacred, so much more than one could possibly imaging. And we, can call to this. It belongs to us. It is who we are. Love, Linda

  1. Thing is like a song, or better like a hymn, singing to our souls the journey of the loved and beloved, of which our exterior relationships are a symbol of … a reflection of the relationship we have with our higher self, of the love that binds the to together, under that blue sky of forever …. beautiful poetry – Thank you for this song …

    1. Our souls long to sing and call forward in ways that we can hear. We each “hear” it in different ways. We each may “see” it in different ways. The relationship between the higher, or Soul, is very intimate. It is the “Caller”. And we respond. It Loves, beyond Itself, seeking Its own Reflective Core, It’s Own Home…and like a Heart responding to the call of Love; it seeks its return to That Source. Love, Vast Sky of God’s Heart revealed as a Universe…shines upon us. Love, Linda

  2. Very heartfelt words – I can sense the passion and spirit behind each one Linda ~ yes I do think our higher self is always calling us to come forward and be at one with Self. Lovely poetry today ~ Much Love, R

    1. Thank you Robyn, I do appreciate your presence. I felt so deeply when this was written, you are right. It was an experience of the Heart and like dancing with my Soul. I was so happy to have this to share! Love to you, my friend, Linda

  3. Dearest Linda, this is so very inspired, and yet initimate in its call. I think that’s why I love it. I am reminded of a Sufi verse which says that God drew a circle in the sand long long ago, exactly around the spot where you are standing now. You were never not coming here. This journey was never not going to happen. Such is the call for God to reveal your place. Such is the intimate whisper of the divine to be known. Truly beautiful. ~ My love, Bobbie

    1. Bobbie, that is so beautiful. I have not heard that before. It is the beauty of the Divine Revealed. Thank you so much for sharing it. I am so grateful. Love to you always, Linda

  4. Beautiful words and image Linda. We are all flying forward together…if we but knew who flew beside us, we would never feel alone. Much love flying with you xxx

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