“Each Godly Blue Sky Day” ~a poem by Linda Willows

Heart, hear my say,
“Let not life pass this way,
Without touching each corner,
and curve of my day”.
I call out to seize
what may feel through the maze
Of all that might dim
or lessen Love’s gaze;
and Upon Its reflection,
the Soul; set ablaze.
And in such endeavor
For the Love and the Beloved,
bind in sacred glory Rephrase.
Then, awaiting your gate
I seal my own fate.
This, small cloud awaiting,
such brief moments of abate.
Heart, hear my say,
“Let not life pass this way,
I fly winged into,
every Godly Blue Sky Day.”

©2012 Linda Willows

photograph by Remi Bridot


14 thoughts on ““Each Godly Blue Sky Day” ~a poem by Linda Willows

  1. Let your heart never be alone without love, and with your new blossoming, may it always line your heart’s wall with the love of the one you truly adore in a eternal forever, void of days and nights only beautiful togetherness where its radiance always stays to inspire your heart and spirit always! Thanks for the blessing Linda, much love to you always!


    1. a sequel only in that it is another present moment in God’s Glory Blue Day!!. Thank you Robyn, for your greetings, for your open Heart and your ever Present Knowing of Love’s True Beauty! All Love to you! Linda


    1. more Here than yonder, don’t you think Granbee, that is the miracle of it all! Love, ever! Linda. I am so grateful that all are understanding of the repeat. It seemed to “disappear”, this morning so I fixed it! Ohh! I suppose in my heart I love this blue sky open Heart, it asks us each to accept the invitationP from our own Soul’s to “Pass Through” the indivisible line of self and God and come to call upon and feel, Know the Unity that we are. The one cloud that aspires to know and comprehend the Vastness of the sky, the Universe that envelopes it. The light within that which recognizes the Vastness as Itself, its Source…our God.


  2. Linda, this poem is so beautiful – it gave me major goosebumps (always a good thing!) … and what an incredibly awesome photo … I soared just gazing at it! Lovely! ~ Julie xoxox


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