“This, my heart full of dare” ~a poem by Linda Willows

…And in Light of your care
do permit my Soul there
To be given the spare
…of the pardon of dare.

We light each life in pairs ’til
one Breath ne’r does remain still.
Lord, I take in thee bare,
This, my heart full of dare.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Personofi Balkou
Athens, Greece


20 thoughts on ““This, my heart full of dare” ~a poem by Linda Willows

  1. I love this, Linda. It is a flame – a reminder of all I know for certain – that day will always follow night and love – love is never wasted. Beautiful. ~ Love you, Bobbie

    1. how beautiful, granbee! thank you for you this! it reveals how we bare ourselves, or must both when we love and when we approach God. The second, an intimacy, more breath-taking…breath-making than all Life. We journey, seeking our mate, our twin…yet we long for a sacred intimacy both on Earth and in our Heavenly Longing.
      Love, Linda

  2. Wow — such a wonderful sequel to the last post Linda… yes – such a parallel between true love here in the physical realm ….and then the love of God ~ and/or spiritual devotion. Very moving …. thank you for sharing your daring heart xo R

  3. my dearest Linda,
    you slipping with the speed of light from the one part of the Rainbow to the other….
    and generosity share with us All of the Gold dust that you found in the Heaven…
    Each poem a tender whisper in our souls…Each poem made us more rich…
    and a rose as i owe to you from your past poem))

    1. my dearest Persefoni, the speed of light is the same as Love, the rainbow is One circle and in the end there is only one Sacred Place to Stand. In Earthly Vessel, must all the rainbow to touch the deepened soft ground, footsteps laid bare to seek, to weep, to love, to keep; Risen On Earth, we lift, arch as a rainbow would to open all hue to the sky and open winged heart, fly…bare all truth in God’s blue. All become One as day is done…The Hue’s blend in Prayer of Sacred Love…Heaven is, as above. Love, Linda ….for you

      1. Thanks))))
        as an explanation from a poet is a creation of a new poem too..
        with the meaning that the source for a poet is abstract mind that born all the ideas without any illussions and sloters colored after in the way down from ego..
        Every poem ,a strong clear power ,carry with tender way the truth and the future..
        As we know that a poem always losted in translation..)))i try not translate my unkown American words or poetic expressions and creations , as that is like to divided the sacred although iam in Union ..
        so i try and maybe dare to say not try )) just i feel the strong vibration ..to feel the essential in my heart…and your poems suceeded excactly that..

  4. Linda – I am sorry I have been away from your posts, I have been traveling with work, and with family before that. Summer life has been full. I find so much rhythm in your words, how you bring a dance to language …. Much appreciated by me and others … Be back soon … Always – Peter

    1. I appreciate that you are here when you are able! I love your writing and always enjoyed your comments immensely because you have such insight and wisdom. I actually never realized that I “brought dance to language”. I am aware of rythymic wording because it is something I love and just feel and enjoy using in my work. Now I am seeing more of the connection. It is interesting. Thank you! Love to you Peter!

  5. The spirits fire of His love is in us as we arrive into this world! It is the first thing that the other seeks to snatch away. For without the guidance of His spirits love and knowing its blessings, as we grow older we fall away and its flame is diminished to small sparks for many, but the flame never dies and a word, a kindness,a touch, or love from another’s pure heart’s spirit, kindles a heart’s return to the one who first love them. May God continue to inspire and bless you!

  6. My dear friend, you do “bring dance to language” … with grace and light you pour beauty on the pages of our lives. Thank you so much for the gift of your beautiful words. ~ Much love, Julie xoxox

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