“Godly Dare” ~a poem by Linda Willows

With heart in tow, I advance upon dare
The life that I have, is paved with deep care.
I must not want nor lose myself there…
Even my breath could be lost somewhere.

Spinning upon a few stones in the path
I steady, and feel the
lonesome of wrath.
Dizzying memories
bring heartbeat
to fast
the earth
my soul
in firm grasp.

Horizons each new
and painted deep blue;
They beckon my passion
to deeply know You. I hasten
to leave any hindrance undue.
Godly Sights, sacred dare…Oh, Keep me with you.

©2012 Linda Willows


Photograph by Dirk Juergensen


11 thoughts on ““Godly Dare” ~a poem by Linda Willows

  1. Passionate emotional and fervently expressed… I loved it Linda — has an amazing rhythm that builds upon itself – till the final line ~ that ‘sacred dare’ — beautiful ~ Much Love, RL


    1. You have captured once again “the dance of my feeling” and experience as I wrote, Robyn, you must live inside of my heart already. All love to you, dearest friend, Linda


  2. How lovely a spirit you possess, with a heart purely humble which does not embrace presumption in its vocabulary but is always humble, always kind, always embracing others with your love…i see His spirit in the images and messages in your words each day…he loves you deeply and smiles at every word you share with others…the Lord in his first visit came to teach, but to show us how to be humble how to love all and be inclusive of all and to show it was not just a God of a specific religion but a loving Lord who embraces all of us indiscriminately…Much love to you Linda!


  3. Oh my. How utterly beautiful. I want to weep when I read your words sometimes – they hold such depths of love and beauty and emotion that embrace my heart …. this is lovely, my dear friend, just lovely. ~ Julie xoxox


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