“Tender” ~a poem by Linda Willows

Fly bright, my Love.
Sweet thoughts go by
of yester-Night.
Tender would thee
live by Light.
the world
too Bright.

©2012 Linda Willows



21 thoughts on ““Tender” ~a poem by Linda Willows

  1. Beautiful and mystical…. like a special connection only you can know and feel — and nurtures you in the dark of night… (just my take of course:) Loved it Linda xo RL


  2. So pity …that is impossible to dedicate this poem to you although you deserve it and i like to do that so much ……because just happened to be the Great poet my tender sweet Linda :))))
    you have hit the target of my heart , with this word as the title is…hit in your tender way ..is a poem so delicate ,so softly,so essential as the fly of balloons..as a fly of a dancer’s soul…as yours..
    The word Thanks ..seems so small now ,in front of all that so precious colection from your poems that i have …A GREAT GIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..


      1. Yes i know well that..so gratefull for that Gift…yes i agree as today i was thinking deeply excactly that ..that ours layers conections in all bodies are so similiar ..
        (for one reason technical maybe ,that i dont know i disconected from here as i see and became Anonimus ..i try to long in again ,but not succeded yet…anyway i will be here Faithfully even as anonymous )


  3. Beneath the truest heart, a tender river flows ever toward the light. This is so beautiful, Linda. It takes my breath away with its whisper of evanescent wonder. Truly…….one of your best ever. ~ Love, Bobbie


    1. beautiful wordings wind, thank you Soma….some senses extend beyond those of “the day”, they are too bright…they let the sun of this world warm all hearts, yet, they stay…reigning in deeper veins that guide our way… happiness to know you, ~Heart, Linda


  4. Beautiful. The imagery arose in my heart was about someone who died too young because the world was not ready to receive her light.


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