“One Shiny Moment” ~from Linda Willows

photo by Yuegen Romanenko

One Shiny Moment, for All

I love knowing that at any given moment
I have the power to alter my perception,
mood and “inner script” of thought.
I can choose like an artist,
which colors and hues
I wish to bring to this
one shiny moment.
Anything is possible.
Anything. For all of us.

I can Imagine and see,
I allow and learn to be.
Becoming is already here.
Just for this
one shiny moment
I will dare Love to be Everywhere.
For All of Us.

In my mind, I am giving a flower
to everyone in my world today
and even many beyond. Far beyond.
Can you feel it?
What would you say?
Try it and see!
Think of an image of Love
and smile! I dare you!
Now give it away.

photo by Santiko Suzuki


31 thoughts on ““One Shiny Moment” ~from Linda Willows

  1. The beauty that your spirits light brings into our world is so infinited in nature. I see the reflection of your heart’s love, it generous caring,and sharing spirit. If i was to color your traits they would resemble the colors in the images you share for they have such a living vitality that it makes my heart and spirit cry, seize, embrace, breathe in the life force that is shared to make you smile this day…thanks for the beautiful flower which is so expressive of your heart’s love for everyone!


  2. Awww…Linda, this is a true beauty and reminder of the choices we have in life and it is an example of your shining spirit and heart that is shared with us through your stunning poetry. Thank you on the beautiful Sunday~love and hugs to you!


  3. Your are welcome. I found this image by chance early this morning on 1X photos. It had just been released moments before and it caught my eye…of course. I wanted to “pluck” it and offer it here for all of you to enjoy, bright and bold as it is, compared to my usual choices.. I loved what it started to say to me and there you have today’s post! I already had the beautiful flower underneath that was calling to come along! Also, today is Marvin’s Funeral in NYC. He loved flowers. Actually he loved yellow ones but, flowers just do motion the heart. I imagine that we each can think of special ones to love today. Then, Lets, give some more, and then, some.


  4. Thank you for the beautiful flower today Linda… such a special post and I love the line “becoming is already here” ~ exactly what I was trying to express with my water lily post —
    Also the notion of being the artist of one’s own life is freeing and wonderful. This was a awe-inspiring message today ~ Gratitude and Love, RL


  5. You have a way of picking out the most important thing, dearest Robyn! That is the most important point and in your theme too! This is how a Moment becomes “Shiny”, by becoming…its True Nature and Revealing itself as Love. I appreciate your visit and so grateful for your comment. Love ~Heart, Linda


  6. I love this flower, Linda, though it is nothing compared to the beauty you already bring to my life. In return, I give you an arm filled with all your favorite flowers (seeds you planted with love lifetimes ago). Thank you for this beautiful eternal gift. ~ Love you, Bobbie


      1. in the One Shiny Moment to Choose there is only Now, speak only of Love, its Essence and the actions of Its nature as the Awareness blossoms in Becoming. Forgiveness is the nature of Love. Harmlessness a role of compassion in seeing that all part of One another and lift up as would self with heart in the power of compassion. Action different is walking direct opposite…Interesting question is, “does love allow harm?” How does love “embrace” harm. What is harm in ourselves and in our world? How would the highest love bring balance to harm? That sounds like good material for another Shiny Moment Post! Love, Linda


      1. I do as well. It is very real. I wept. So much Love. You feel also the Love in You, the spark of God, that flame of True Essence, warmth, compassion, infinite Care with Gentle Heart and wise Counsel. It is is You.
        Loving you, Linda


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