“The Prayers that Rise” ~Life’s Photo and Prose by Linda Willows

Come Beside, My Soul.
Feel the violet heights
Of God’s valley of
Prayers that Rise.

Let fell to the
The Lull of its
Glory Sunrise,
In, upon and through
such mysterious skies
Tell of the hues
That delight in all word
That speak of the wise,
Of the temples that
Build before
Indigo cloud sighs.

Oh, Soul
We are swept
like a moon
Before your
Shining bright
Ever light, gilded,
Valley night eyes.
Lift the prayers.
We are still.
…They Rise.

©2012 Linda Willows


Photographer ~ Persefoni Balkou
Athens, Greece


13 thoughts on ““The Prayers that Rise” ~Life’s Photo and Prose by Linda Willows

  1. My dearest Linda,,so move on last poem..so many colors in it…indigo ,violet the colors of energy … You are an alchimist  transfer the colors of words to poems… iam shame to put a new comment in your blog ….as is down to my photo too …..let for the moment others to commenting.. slowly your poem cover me this evening,,, i was thought that you live in America but i feel as you are so close to me ..for sure because of  spiritual way..conection.. my LOVE Persefoni


    1. my dear Persefoni, I am delighted for your comment. All are quiet this morning…I love what you said about the poem. I do feel close also, this is wonderful. The photo was very special to “speak” to… Love, Linda


    1. Oh Muse, thank you…that means so much to me. I did “see” and “feel” as I was writing this. It was an evocative experience. I am so gratified that you could “feel” it as well. Love, Linda


  2. Oh, Linda, this one is filled with breath ~ breath from deep within the soul ~ a song building with each tender beat of your heart. Close your eyes ~ can’t you feel it rushing through you? Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! ~ Love, Bobbie


  3. Breathtaking words Linda ~ reminds me a tiny bit of a more “grown-up” version of my ‘Ladder to the Sun’ post 🙂 The vision is clearly there – you paint it so clearly …. and I can see it too…. a beautiful journey it is ~ Much Love dear friend ~xo Robyn


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