“Sacred” ~Beauty of Life Photo and Prose from Linda Willows


Oh such bended Love Hearts’ bow,
It calls for Life’s
most Sacred endow.
Follow, weep, reap
and joy-keep.
Dances begin
from God’s own

©2012 Linda Willows



14 thoughts on ““Sacred” ~Beauty of Life Photo and Prose from Linda Willows

  1. The feel of this is unbelievable, Linda. It is a plea only offered by those with fullness of heart and soul – fearless to love – to love it all (tears as joy). A daily prayer that a heart open wide enough that the entire world falls in…. I love this openness, this freedom to simply be – to simply love. Exquisite. ~ Love, Bobbie

  2. Wow Linda – this feels so freeing — I had to look very carefully at the image .. and there is so much potential there!! The Dances that might manifest from ‘the heartbeat of God ‘– soooo powerful to imagine. Just loved this — somehow did not catch in on my reader today ~ but so happy I checked your site just for good measure. Very special. xo Much Love ~R

    1. I am so glad you came over. I wanted to share this with you. I could feel many things here, it was a thrill to write. Love your page! Sacred undertones are inspiring us each…LoveAll, Linda

  3. Sacred poem ..create an eruption of feelings ..make me to bow to your soul dear Linda..to belive for the regeneration , reading all so sensitive internal comments here..
    Iam so gratefull
    from my heart THANKS
    ( i was answer yesterday to you through Skype, but was my first try to use it ..so iam not sure that you recieve my positive of course to your so kindly question answer)))

    1. oh I am so happy to hear from you Dearest Persefoni! I am so glad that you like the poem for your inspired Photograph. I had deep feeling during the write. It was ecstasy. I love you, Linda

  4. Stunning photography paired with beautiful, soulful words …bestowed from Heaven. Just lovely. ~ Julie xoxox

  5. Silently waiting with full faith of heart, for the power of the creators spiritual kiss, that one may be rejuvenated his purest blessings empowerring a heart to fearlessly face another day full of his longlasting love! Exquisite image and message…every one you do is better than the last…thanks for the lift to my day!

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