“My Wonder Lives” ~Beauty of Life Photo and Prose by Linda Willows

My Wonder lives
at treetops peak,
in sights that leap
beyond Loves’ keep.

I hold no bound
nor sightly door.
This world, this life,
It’s Grace does soar.

©2012 Linda Willows

photographer, Teiku Rizal


10 thoughts on ““My Wonder Lives” ~Beauty of Life Photo and Prose by Linda Willows

  1. One of my greatest joys is to walk early in the morning just before the sun rises, for then i see all the majesty of gods love as the new day blossoms, sharing a crescendo of life, light, and sound…where true beauty soars like an eagle, and sweet perfumes of flowers grab all my senses and i am wrapped in the joy of the life we share with the earth and natures best! Your poem reminds me of that … love your lines because they bring a pure taste of life…..”this world, this life, Its grace does soar” what a wonderful way to start ones day…love you Linda, your heart and spirit!


  2. Such a lovely, majestic image of the treetops peak Linda!! And your verse so uplifting and inspiring today ~ much needed! I thank you for this gift ~ much love to you, R


  3. ……I love this piece (and the image too). Both encourage us to ‘look up’………. How absolutely stunning the view that soars on your words! ~ Much love always, Bobbie


  4. Ahhhh, this made me sigh, Ms. Linda….it was eloquently done, beautiful in it’s simplicity. You find some of the most amazing photos….this one, too, is splendid! A wonderful post, my lady….
    love to you always


  5. As beautiful as the wonder and grace you bring to our lives, my dear friend! ~ Love always, Julie xoxox


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