“Rock, dust, fleur, ash, wall…” ~by Linda Willows

Let all that lies low
in silk shadows so deep
slide forth to the vault
of this sore heart, my keep.
Not wanting to feel
Yet thinking it so,
I form words of such feeling
Yet none have let go.

Hiding, tears seeking
Are true memories left.
Gone still to weeping
in dreams while I slept.

Now in unbound
Oh so close to Life Found,
I reason, and filter
what may be the treason.
Yet my Heart stretches farther
Than ever. Shedding morsels
of life carved from never.

Still Aching the reveal
the feeling of all;
Rock, dust, fleur, ash, wall,
and the earthen wares
that fall.

Hide broken, joy seeking,
True moments, Graced wind.
Now, come to the Keeping,
As bend opens Love Mine.

©2012 Linda Willows


Photo; Figurative Painting by Hamish Blakely


26 thoughts on ““Rock, dust, fleur, ash, wall…” ~by Linda Willows

  1. Beautifully written, and yet there is a sadness i feel that embraces me from deep places! I see a awakening that will cause tiny embers to ignite and blossom as they taste of a pure joy…that will bring back the charismatic smile that longs to shine forth again in a very true and lasting way! I pray it wil come back soon…so soon!

    1. Thank you, I am so glad that you enjoyed the poem. I felt like dancing to a particular music that I was listening to as I wrote, one from my own heart of course. I feel joyful now, thank you for your blessings, Linda

  2. A beautiful sadness – that only a mystical heart can stretch to.
    I love it Linda ……
    i feel a melancholy here – but a fleeting one ……….
    May Your week be as beautiful in heart – as You are

    1. how insightful you are Cat. I am so glad that you like it. We all have, “places in the heart”, to be sincere…I felt the pleasure of writing this from the expression and the ‘true’ place. I am feeling quite good afterwards! Love your Heart, ~Linda

      1. It’s a translucent heart You have my sweet – almost like i can feel what you felt ….whilst writing what you did …………
        that’s why i can connect with You so well xx
        Sincerity and Authenticity are what move me with the most …..
        love love love xoxoxoxoxo

  3. Oh how even as so many years pass there is this pit where we have placed all the shadowed memories of days long past. Even as we know they are gone and left behind, and we are now grown stronger. We would want to shelter the next generation for these trials, yet we cannot usurp destiny … Beautiful words … Thank you …

    1. you understand so well. I am feeling that in the end it does take a lifetime to appreciate, savor and even be willing to meet all that we once flew away from, or buried. Healing is the Reveal of Love. That I would want to share with the next generation. To Heal.

  4. Dearest Linda ~ my favorite lines ‘Gone still to weeping in dreams while I slept.’ I know the place you speak of, the vault of yesterdreams. It is both a strength and a beauty that allow you to touch those places with your words. *sigh* ~ Love, Bobbie

  5. Linda, To me this speaks of a deep pain ~ a heart-pain and then a yearning and seeking to release… let go… be free… and then — the allowing of that release and welcoming in the love ~ spectacular poetic mastery. I loved and felt every word ~ Blessings and Love to you, R

  6. “Yet my Heart stretches farther Than ever. Shedding morsels of life carved from never.”

    Oh wow. I felt these words, your poem, through to my bones of my soul, my dear friend. The depth of emotion you express – pain, yearning, release and love, brought tears to my eyes. Your poem is just exquisite, and I feel honored to be able to read this. Thank you. ~ Sending much love to you, Julie xoxox

    1. thank you Julie, from you all things said truly touch my heart deeply. I have felt the depth of you own Soul. Thank you for sharing these words with me. Love since the start, Linda xoxo

  7. I feel that it is invigorating and freeing to explore the heart in writing, not as a self absorption or dwelling on “places” past but as a potential tool for healing, a catalyst at times for themes that reach far beyond the life of one, but allow us to see grief and hope and love and grace. To allow one’s flaw’s to be feathered into the wind must be a chosen act. In writing, it seems part of the art, else eventually I believe that I would not feel authentic. Hope is Breath. Thank you for your loving message, Linda

  8. Beautifully done dear Linda. It’s good I think that we have such remembrances of past sorrow or pain but to know that we were able to move on in spite of them and embrace the love and the joy is healing in itself. And there is so much to embrace. It makes the good parts so much more precious to us.

    1. thank you for your insight Jeanie. You are the first to point out that when and because of the depths of life experiences, we in turn are more able to appreciate the good parts, feel them as more precious. An excellent Point.Acceptance, Embrace and Gratitude. How beautiful your perspective is. Much Love to you, Linda

  9. This whispered words unfathomable that I cannot filter yet through my human speech….that is frustrating for me, but that aside, I am filled with an awe and profound peace, absorbed with a spirit touch from the deep well of life….my spirit understands, my soul discerns the nature, but my mind is out of bounds…..truly this is a mystery…..As with all you write, this proceeds from the bounty of your soul from whence he giveth…..and this one had touched me regardless of my finite understanding….so, so very beautiful and intricately done, Linda……
    love and hugs to you…..

    1. I am so glad, for this one is special to me. It speaks from deeply within and I worked with it in a way that was slightly new, demanding more vulnerability on my part. But I am enjoying the journey of continuing to learn expressing in poetry, the art of restraint, yet the access to more and ability to work with it, rather than “knowing” and thinking, even turning something over completely. Thank you for all of your comments this morning, they reflect your beautiful and generous heart. I love you, Linda

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