“Freedoms’ Excel” ~Life is Beautiful, Photos and Prose from Linda Willows

Take me There.
Remove the binds that would lessen my Dare.
I cut all the ties that bind lone to fell.
I, now Heart…
Left to dwell in such Freedom’s Excel.

©2012 Linda Willows

gratitude for photo by Michael Papendieck


14 thoughts on ““Freedoms’ Excel” ~Life is Beautiful, Photos and Prose from Linda Willows

  1. Yes – I agree – such an amazingly gorgeous image – and all it represents paired with your stunning words Linda!! Take me there — I am ready to go 🙂 xo Much Love!


    1. I felt ready to go after writing that too! Take me There! Oh my. And I wrote it right after I woke up this morning on a napkin thinking…is this going to be good? because I was half asleep! Then I had such delight putting it all together I was ready for any Dare!
      So much love to you, Linda


  2. Wow, Linda, I love this gorgeous photo – what power it evokes when combined with your beautiful, uplifting and encouraging words! I am so ‘with you’ in this one – when we cut our ties to situation and life events that no longer serve our higher power, we give ourselves the freedom and the endless opportunity to excel. Beautiful post, it really resonates with me on a very deep level. ~ Much love to you, dear friend! Julie xoxox


    1. oh my Julie, yes-it does with me on a deep level as well! But I can actually see how you are in the “action” stage of that in our own life and love and support you to go forward and father than you may have ever fathomed for yourself, your life and your Heart. All my Love, Linda


  3. Oh, Linda, I love this. It reminds me of something I read years ago ~ ‘what would you do if you weren’t afraid’…….. How devastating to realize that the only thing which binds us is ourselves…..our fear, our doubt, or lack of faith. Close your eyes and jump! Beautifully done, my dear one. ~ Love always, Bobbie


    1. yes! ,wouldn’t that be an amazing question to ask yourself everyday…and take small steps, very small steps sometimes, so that you are ready when the Dare of Life asks for a Leap! Right, “close your eyes and jump!”, Love you so,, Linda


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