“to see Heaven in a Flower” ~Inspirational Photo Collection from Linda Willows ~ 8.3.2012

I am especially happy to share this inspiring collection with you for its great beauty and depth. All are the works of Australian Photographer Sandra McCabe, who specializes in micro photography and Flowers.

In her bio she offers a quote from William Blake, “To see a world in a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower. Hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in and hour.” This, she says is the view that she sees through her lens.

That, as well as these remarkable photographs inspired me. I am very happy to share these with you today!
In-Joy. Be with Peace –
Love, Linda

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25 thoughts on ““to see Heaven in a Flower” ~Inspirational Photo Collection from Linda Willows ~ 8.3.2012

  1. Yes heaven is always in a simple details..around all of us.
    When the eyes of soul are open easy to see and feel all that…
    easy and nature to be so in Love generosity as you dear Linda to share with us the Great colection from an excellent photographer as Sandra McCabe is….
    Congrats to both


    1. My dearest Perdefonin, thank you for your gracious note. But first know that you are a Fine Art Photographer that no one can compare to in my opinion. I think of you often when viewing photos. I have a special poem that will be dedicated to “the dancer”. You are so gracious for writing in. I feel that the light and lens of our soul connection is refined to the Heart’s perfection, all Love, Linda


      1. Ah iam so move and honored with your words dear Linda…my creations belong not to me but to all people with so tender love souls that inspire me and you are among them…
        iam gratefull for your poetic words iam gratefull to meet such Big soul like you in my road…
        a modest THANKS
        by persefoni..
        ( as perdefonin is a simple error from my part that i had no time to correct it:)))) is not important at all))


    1. I think They are Too !!!!!!!!!!!!Rather – i feel they are …………..Thanks for reading me with your heart !!!!
      You are such a peaceful soul and exuberant overflowing heart xoxoxo Love xo C


  2. What a beautiful quote, Linda, and Heaven is definitely abundant in this stunning collection. I have never been into gardening (unlike Mom), but as I grow older, I just love the beauty in flowers, so thank you for sharing and sending many hugs your way~Have a beautiful weekend, too! xoxo


  3. Absolutely gorgeous flower photography; thank you so much for sharing it with us, dear friend! Sending love and hugs and wishes for a beautiful weekend! ~ Julie xoxox


  4. I love these, Linda. They are such sweet reminders of the wonder that is God’s breath against us ~ where all things matter and all things are perfect. Much love, Bobbie


  5. There is no doubt that heaven is as close as the breathless beauty of a flower … any flower … what magnificent photographs! And the quote from Blake is one of my favorites. Thanks so much, Linda, for sharing. I will too on my Facebook page.


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