Nature’s Pause ~”Life is Beautiful” PhotoQuote by Linda Willows ~7.26.2012

Nature’s pause is eternity’s sweet keep;
Portal to mysteries, of wonder and law.
Miracle moments, ours to heart-sweep,
And gather like flowers, the treasures of awe.

©2012 Linda Willows

photo by Dirk Juergensen


14 thoughts on “Nature’s Pause ~”Life is Beautiful” PhotoQuote by Linda Willows ~7.26.2012

  1. Wonderful pic and wonderful poem as well.. I love watching such “moments” when nature pauses for a second.. I think we feel like it pauses due to the immense yet simple beauty of it that captivates us..

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    Have a beautiful day! 🙂


  2. Linda, the beauty of your words and this gorgeous photo gave me goosebumps – thank you for the lovely start to my day today! ~ Love, Julie xoxox


  3. I absolutely love that last line, Linda. I am reminded of the flowers we gather daily from seeds we scattered in other lives, as other loves. Beautiful the bouquet that is truth. Love you, Bobbie


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