“The nights of Gods Mercy” ~Inspiration from Linda Willows

There are times to remember,
Times to pray;
a lifetime to Cherish
the Loves gone away.
Yet Infinite mercy brings
All back to See,
The nights of God’s Mercy,
Our Lords Mystery.
The Heavens, my God;
in Those Nights you reveal…
The Presence, Your Own,
in each sparkling appeal.

©2012 Linda Willows


photo by Dejan Smaic


11 thoughts on ““The nights of Gods Mercy” ~Inspiration from Linda Willows

  1. Do you have this posted twice? I could have sworn I just made comments to this, but they’re not here………. Hmmmmmmmmmm……….. Maybe I’m hallucinating! 😀 Regardless, love it as I loved it before! Beautiful, Linda. ~ Love, Bobbie


  2. Well Kafka had a point or two to make.
    Thanks for your thoughts and feelings
    You can put things so beautifully.
    And give support so exactly when it is needed.
    Thankyou Linda


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