“To Feel in the Winds” ~Inspirations from Linda Willows ~7.24.2012

We cast Heart with all grace
to feel in the Winds.
Even Might feels the sorrow
of all Memory’s twins.
Yet as certain as God’s wills
Our dear Earth to spin;
The winged bless determined
to step round and Begin.

©2012 Linda Willows

photo by Ivan N. Patmadiwiria


16 thoughts on ““To Feel in the Winds” ~Inspirations from Linda Willows ~7.24.2012

  1. “… the sorrow of all Memory’s twins.” – such power and depth in this write, Linda, especially in this particular line. Beautiful writing, I love this. ~ Love, Julie xoxox


    1. my dear friend Julie, that line, I thought..no one anywhere would understand but I wrote it anyway. It was the most important phrase in the poem, and you found it. I am not surprised. I am deeply touched. Thank you from my Heart, Linda


  2. surrendering to the dance on the wind
    is where grace begins….
    Beautiful Linda….
    Take care…..


  3. This is the miracle of grace – always we are returning to ourselves – to the arms of love that we held open – to the hands we stretch across the abyss of sorrow – to the beginning we remember – the eternity we dreamed. I love this, Linda. It’ s much more than starting over; it’s daring to reinvent ourselves – to discover bliss anew, teaching ourselves joy again! My love to you. ~ Always, Bobbie


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