We still Fly ~Inspirations from Linda Willows ~7.21.2012

We are fragile beings…
Souls winged; from Afar.
Set into a world
that knows not
Itself at times.
Nor do We. Yet
we still Fly
and Soar above
knowing distance
and at times, lost love.

All destined
Unite with full Heart.
We all share in life’s All
Let us hear
the Flight’s Call.
as we gather, not fall.
Still the
fire’s beating hooves
as Wings
fly from above
Know. Heart. Love.
Bring us no part
that would lessen Your Art.

©2012 Linda Willows



25 thoughts on “We still Fly ~Inspirations from Linda Willows ~7.21.2012

    1. thank you, I felt the beginning easily but had to rewrite 20 times and still. It hangs in the air near me with better words, especially the second part….but the intent is clear, I feel. Love to you, Linda

      1. The poem is beautifully written, Linda, no need for changes, but I know how you feel. I’ve felt that, too, with many of mine. Yes, the intent is clear and lovely~xoxo

  1. So lovely Linda…. to me, a prayer for connection with our most authentic self, for guidance, and direction and wisdom while we take flight, together, through this lifetime. Very touched. Much Love, Robyn

  2. I have been listening again to Power vs Force, by Dr David Hawkins, your words here struck a chord. We are eating, we are Light, we are witness to life and all its lessons. When will we learn, there is no hate there is only absence of love, then we disconnect and human wills prevail…

    1. My tablet chose to use ‘eating’ instead of ‘learning’. If that changes the way the comment reads….
      Regarding your reply . The evolutionary journey … we should not assume that because we stumble into existence time after time, that we are evolving. Evolution is a conscious process, and if we take consciousness for granted there will be no evolution. It needs conscious effort. This is the paradox of human existence, are we so arrogant as to think we will evolve, regardless of whether we make an effort too! Surely not.
      Humans have free will, this is a free will universe, it could not be any other way. When I hear where was God, my thought is, he (she) was right there astonished at what our little wills can do … We should address the pain with compassion (not pity) for the survivors, with the understanding that we are all to blame, it was (is) not a lone gunman, it is the consequence of a people who have allowed this, and we should grieve as they grieve, and we should survive as they survive. We are witnesses to the pain free will can bring.
      What you speak of is universal consciousness if we had it and we knew this tragedy was coming we could not interfere, we cannot usurp free will, or else it is no longer free.
      I cannot know how such a thing would affect my own life and thoughts, I am after all human, and suffer the dame frailties, I could only pray that people would hold out their hands to me should it happen, so that I could find forgiveness, which would not be an easy thing, anger, revenge, fear, is so much easier ..
      In the words of Jon Donne “… every man’s death diminishes me, for I am involved in mankind, therefor never send to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee”

      1. Excellent Thoughts and a very important conversation. I enjoyed reading each of your facinating thoughts. Of course we need to address the pain with compassion for the survivors and understand that we, as a collective “Living Body, Heart and Mind”, are accountable not only for abstinance from hatred and judgement of the perpetrator, but that we have a familiar response to see all as part of ourselves as well, in this, our part becomes that of the Healers, both of ourselves First, then, the collective and the entire integrates with our own li wves. Forgiveness, one of life’s most difficult lessons can fracture us and our world or break it. Most of us cannot even forgive ourselves for something, less truly, deep forgive in life experience..most move on and forget or let go and that is different.
        I, myself stood at the end of gun barrels and walked through minefields, ran through streets as snipers took aim; walked by mass gravesites and held orphaned children. Have I forgiven? I had to.
        I was nearly beaten to death by my ex husband in Colorado. He was put in that same Arapahoe County holding Jail as the “suspect”. Am I Healed? I thought that I was until I saw this on television. I collapsed. All of the terror of being a victim of violence flooded back in seconds. I could not breath. I had forgiven him, truly…but I had not taken care of my own self. I did not yet fully stand up for me on the day that I collapsed as a victim. I had no one to call. I asked God how this could happen to me. How Ever?? But here I am today. Real strong. A real Survivor. Able to do anything on my own.
        I would not give that up for anything. I don’t ask “Why God”. I say, “I hear you God. I love you. God, I love you too.”

    2. Linda –
      I am moved to tears that you could share this. I am so taken back at the way woman are treated in our world, what gives anyone the right … only free will?

      I have always sensed that there was a depth of knowing in you, the way your write, the truths you have found shine through.

      I read a story about a South African woman, who met in court the man who killed her husband and child in front of her, he was prepared to hear words or wrath and hatred from her, instead she embraced him and forgave him. He collapsed, and had to be carried from the courtroom.

      I know you had told me about Sarajevo, I have read Viktor Frankel’s book “Man’s Search for Meaning”, but one cannot know this type anguish through words alone, yet we do not wish to know first hand either, it is perhaps best explained in one word – destiny.

      I am renewed to know you have risen from your ashes. Please continue to shine as I know you are so capable.

      With blessings and much love,

  3. There is immense beauty in our scars, and regardless the sorrows we may have known, it is those same sorrows which move us to fly, sprouting wings where once empty arms. Your words are inspiration to us all……… Let us rise and let us love. Thank you, Linda. I’m glad you’re feeling much better. I’ve missed you. ~ Much love, Bobbie

  4. Linda, thank you for these beautiful, powerful words, my dear friend. My heart has been so heavy these past days … even today, as I read your words, and those between you and grandfathersky … I am weeping with so much sorrow that I have difficulty finding words. “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.” To find peace, we must first forgive …… ~ Love always, Julie xoxox

    1. Julie, even when I go back and read this, I have difficulty. After this I was quiet for many days with many feelings and thoughts. I could not read very much and words blurred in the computer. I understand. And I also know that that there is so much more unspoken.
      As they say…these, they were the little things….I know that you understand me. We have overcome everything. This is what I know. God is the only Power. And God is Love.

  5. Your personal story shook my heart, folding it back into fluid pieces…..bless you, my friend, I am so humbled and honored to have met you and call you a friend….indeed you are a sister to my spirit, your words embrace me time and time again, as well as all who come here…..many blessings and peace and love to you sweetheart……

  6. And I am broken open by the poem….I think that we are not here just to learn….but to be learned from….something in this poem caught my eye to that knowledge, something I have suspected is true…..this is lovely, so lovely….

  7. From the words that you share in the poem and the comments left by others and yourself i see why the image i see when i dine on your words is always so very uplifiting throughout the scars you have shared a exquisite beauty was shaped and born. The beauty that you share so expressively is dressed by your life, and you never want anyone to go through that again…i have always felt so blessed to be able to read your words, the spirit in them is so special…it always brings abundant life to my day helping me to forget the daily pain. My heart and my spirit will always be with you dear Linda, and never will it leave…I can say this spiritually to you, the you that i know makes my day special and so complete! May you always be blessed with His love and the love of all of the kindred spirits who love you dearly of which i am also one!

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