“One Face is Part All” ~by Linda Willows

T’is my own Soul that I glance when I see you there still
Each and all faces multiply and fill.
In the eyes of each shine and hope lasts to be.
I knew that you cared and leaned deeply on me.
Leaving behind all the treacherous finds
Did wrench through my psyche, my heart and my mind.
How can one live with such comfort and ease
With oceans of sorrow across a few seas.
One Face, is part All. I love you as me.
Take my hand, lift your veil. We can pray. We can see.

©2012 Linda Willows
photo by Dexter Garcia


25 thoughts on ““One Face is Part All” ~by Linda Willows

    1. thank you Celeste. I have loved and wished to serve the needs of faces in crises that while, so foreign, mufti-cultured and of many faiths…I have deeply fallen through all boundaries because of love and the One God which I witnessed in the Eyes of Courage, Hope and Strength in survival and longing for freedom as well human dignity.
      With great love to you as well and your own deepest Compassion for All, Linda…I love your writing–have to add

      1. Your heart is so evident in your writing…..Those of us privileged to read it are encompassed by your spirits compassion…I admire your desire to help those in need….God bless you long, my friend…..
        And thank you for loving the writing….It was from my heart and soul….I strove to honor the art of passion without making it raunchy….hope I did well! lol Thanks…. ❤

  1. My heart is always moved when it comes to the treament of women around the world! Some of my poems speak on it. Your post does a wonderful job in that area! Beautiful image, lovely words and a strong message. You always know how to get it done Linda, and what makes it special is it is always from your heart..Be blessed!

    1. thank you Wendell. This is a post that is difficult to understand unless you have been in an region of crises or war and seen the faces and eyes of those that suffer. It is though a large part of the extended Compassion that we all so often speak of. We want to be kind to others but our experiences in the US are very isolated. Sometimes, difficult to fathom, the true friendship of those so very far away, especially to learn of their courage and strength!

    1. that is a very “true” and beautiful vision, Jane. I am not surprised that you see it! The essence of love linking is true purity of heart and mind, Thank you for your insightful comment. Love to you, Linda

  2. “One Face is part All. I love you as me.”

    Your poetry here touches my heart Linda… Your purity in spirit toward these women who are really just extension of us, radiates through your words. Beautiful, meaningful work. Thank you~

      1. Thank you Linda – I feel the same way ~ somehow feel like I know you too… you may look like women in my family, so perhaps. In any case – Love and Peace to you today!! xo

  3. I absolutely love that last line, Linda. Always, it is our joy (our purpose) to show others ~ to touch and tell ~ to lift the veil of sorrow and ignorance. It is our place to lead the dance. I love this so much! Thank you. My love to you, Bobbie

    1. Thank you Bobbie, you have such a deep Heart with so much to give. Through writing, you, I, legions of others can strengthen the call for compassion and unity, especially with respect to cross cultural relations. Love speaks the loudest…much love to you Linda (I was not feeling well recently and got behind on reading blogs, )

  4. mortal words are of different language
    but the heart is the language of the soul, everyone understands and speaks…
    each a journey to the same destination
    just spoke in many different words of reaction to actions of creating oneself……
    Beautiful Linda…
    Thank you for sharing a piece of your heart language withus/me
    Take Care…
    you Matter…

    1. I love the idea and expression that you made of “Heart Language”. Indeed, we need to learn to listen carefully and tenderly to one another. Thank you for your beautiful and poignant note. Love, Linda

  5. My dear friend, you are love and compassion, your heart shines through your writing so strongly, with passion and strength of spirit. ” One Face, is part All. I love you as me.” – this is so beautiful …. Sending you love and hugs ~ Julie xoxox

    1. Yes! And in the eyes of these faces I find that my own heart lives too. If, on an individual basis, I also am sanctified with connecting through the Witness of Love and Being to God, then we become “three in one” and “one in three”!

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