“Soften Our Ways” ~Inspiration with Linda Willows

Tender our touch
As we share our world bright
We, each as sweet petals
Seek the dew and dawns’ light.
Come flutter the wings
of all creatures in sight
Soften our ways tender…
Love’s veil lifts us from night.

©2012 Linda Willows

photo by landrzej bochenski


15 thoughts on ““Soften Our Ways” ~Inspiration with Linda Willows

    1. it carries the spirit of a gentle heart, one that is unwilling to judge. don’t you think that this is something that we need more of, even with our own selves? Love to you Lauren, Linda

    1. I agree. “softer eyes”, as Bobbie, said is a beautiful thought. Why not a softer heart, tendered with the maturity of compassion and the ability to view life beyond one’s own boundaries….tender the world…tender the words, Love Linda

      1. very true — so wish everyone would embrace this ~ but to know there are others on the planet who do; it is a most lovely thought. Much Love to you ~ thank you Linda!

  1. Absolutely beautiful. These words are a prayer whispered ~ for grace, for compassion, for softer eyes. I love this, Linda. Truly inspired work. ~ Much love, Bobbie

  2. I pray to be as soft in my ways as I move through this day as those butterfly wings brushing those lucious flower petals! Bless you for this motivating post just when I needed to “soften”!

  3. You write with such elegance and beauty … your words move me beyond expression … ~ Love, Julie xoxox

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