“Natures’ Unseen” ~Inspiration from Linda Willows

I follow sweet waters to ends of the earth
Sinking my feet into banks of green mirth
Pillars of green grant me friendship to glean
And my heart, embraced, soft with Natures’ unseen.

©2012 Linda Willows

photo by Juan Pavon


14 thoughts on ““Natures’ Unseen” ~Inspiration from Linda Willows

  1. Oh, Linda, I love your verse – and “banks of green mirth” is exquisitely phrased! This photo is gorgeous! Sending you love and hugs my friend, Julie xoxox


  2. Oh, Linda………this is beautiful. I can close my eyes, and words the shade of green wash over me……..and I am home in the arms of the earth. I am in awe. ~ Love you, Bobbie


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