“Life is Beautiful” PhotoQuotes ~7.12.2012 ~offered by Linda Willows

“Heart us, let Love’s art us, ‘Till all but wonder falls away.
Let us waken, new, forsaken, joyfully born into new day…”

©2012 Linda Willows

photo by Emil Motei


13 thoughts on ““Life is Beautiful” PhotoQuotes ~7.12.2012 ~offered by Linda Willows

  1. La Vita et bella – no truer words were ever spoken, I often have to remind myself to look past the weeds to see the flowers, by thought we create them both… Thank you…


  2. Love ALWAYS gives me new heart and your wonderful photo art always blesses me a helps me to love myself a little more with each post I visit here, dear Linda! Thank you so very much!


  3. “Till all but wonder falls away” – beautiful, beautiful words … I love this! ~ Love, Julie xoxox


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