“Free me Lord, Feel me…” ~Inspirations by Linda Willows

Free me, Lord -feel me
let my heart find it’s Pour.
Pray joy as it dives
into the depths
of Thy Door.

Feel me now
stretch above;
Arches tipped all
by this called love.
I’ll sing songs
take this voice,
Lord, let it Pour.

Breath All Godly Yours
right into me.
Soul lifts at
Heart set free
Lead my eyes only to-
to Face of Thee in We.

Free me, Lord, feel me,
Know that I do pour.
There is no
other place
that has
me at the door.

©2012 Linda Willows


14 thoughts on ““Free me Lord, Feel me…” ~Inspirations by Linda Willows

    1. Maybe by bring it into our thoughts, then into mindfulness and ultimately our actions, compassion and a spirit of unity that causes new ways of interaction in simple daily life, then on to peace and the wingspan of it all! What do you think? Love, Linda

  1. Such is the prayer for truth – for love – that our hearts be opened wide such that the entire world falls in. Your words fill me with peace, and hope for the universe. “Let it start with me.” Truly, we start…….. (I’ll bring a sandwich if you bring a paper and pen.) ~ Love you. ~ Bobbie

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