“Heart Revolution, Due” ~by Linda Willows

Heart split wind
and the veins poured out
Hidden damage naked
in the burning fallout
Floods release
to aches unknown
Grill out, turn in,
reveal breath’s past moan.

Feel the space
that marks no place;
The empty watch
that feigns no face.
Let that blossom
through the pain
And lead Essence Light
as back again.

Lead me through,
Heart-Revolution due.
No time nor space
for holdings untrue.
Prayers must pierce
and my love stronger still
Witness all that I am
seek You for review.

©2012 Linda Willows

(photo credit: Randy Mason)



12 thoughts on ““Heart Revolution, Due” ~by Linda Willows

  1. Such a beautiful prayer, and poem! I felt every word as each one touched my heart and moved my spirit! You always share such an eloquence with all you write…your love always permates the very life of your poem, it is what makes you so inspiring and loved by many, including me…thanks for sharing this delightful write Linda!


  2. How very true that our hearts must split wide open to truly receive that Divine love, Linda! Fabulous post here today that has filled me to bursting with the joy of my Creator’s love for me.


  3. Dearest Linda, this one has a depth that I can’t describe – serene yet powerful – a message of becoming – of realizing some long awaited truth. Some long awaited ‘simple’ truth! I pray that we all have such moments of blinding realization. Exceptionally beautiful. ~ Love you. ~ Bobbie xoxoxo


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