“Lean In, Forge with Love” ~Inspirations with Linda Willows

All hearts catch the light as the sacred calls flow
and bind love close to catch each sanctified glow.
Honor each to his path and pull forward Love’s years.
I was, you were, we walked throughout all the tears.
We carried one another in the Heart of Life’s fears.

Now see hand in hand, not as isolate tribes
Could long ago live still as Peace Voice Revives?
Pray, Chorus ring out as Heart Glory’s are Sung.
Our souls share all being, Now-Next-Thine, t’s done.
Lean in, forge with Love, see new Legion as One.

©2012 Linda Willows

We, ultimately can not be silenced or separated by a “culture of division”. We were created Whole, a refection of Unified and Causal Love in the Namesake and Likeness of our Creator.

Division, Separative beliefs which attribute some as holding the “Keys” and others “ignorant or waiting for the Keys” are loved as sworn to love and offered a plea to an awakening of tolerance, compassion and a unified embrace and respect of all true and pure-hearted pathways to Our God of All Names.

We cannot discount our rich Heritage from many cultures, some ancient, many “forgotten”. All paths lead Home. We are not in opposition. Qualities that distort Goodness are opposition. No one want this for our evolving culture.

We need to nurture Compassion, non judgement, Kindness, Hearts that are Generous in thought, perception and action. The current world reflects our Heart. Help us to heal it. The initiative is ours to take. Each person has a responsibility and the honor of accountability in joining Heart and healing into the Sacred Legion.

Love, Linda



19 thoughts on ““Lean In, Forge with Love” ~Inspirations with Linda Willows

  1. Yes!!! Surely we are more alike than we are different…….for we are ONE…….when we are love! Thank you for this, Linda. Truly inspired! ~ Love, Bobbie


  2. You always share your heart and spirit with all who will listen to your words of life along with the pristine but embracing images. Your love always shows daily in many ways, you are a perfect example of what your message describes! May the Lord always bless you with His grace and love!


    1. thank you, Wendall, I am so happy for all blessings especially for this message- It speaks of Love, the deepest kind One could invoke. May God Bless you as well!


  3. The first two lines of your poem are sublime and divine, Linda–and set the stage for the rest to gracefully enter. Glorious blessings to you.


  4. Dear Linda, let us indeed reach out to each other to heal the brokenness in this world, to meld together in one unified force for His Glory and His Work in a weary, heart-sick world. Lead on, dear sister.


  5. Beautiful poem, dear Linda; words from your heart that you live every day, and that shine outwardly to all. I love this also; it says it all for me: “The current world reflects our Heart. Help us to heal it.” Thank you for such an important message, dear friend. ~ Love, Julie xoxox


  6. I recently heard Greg Braden talking about his new book Deep Truth, and he speaks the truth when he says that the only way to heal ourselves, and our relationships with each other and the world is to start asking ourselves ‘What can I give” as compared to the old world thinking of “What’s in it for me” This is the classic paradigm shift, but I have to agree with him it is the only way through what is coming … What wan I give … I wonder; What can I give, keep asking the questions and in every step I take I see something new …


  7. This is lovely and so is your spirit, Linda. The path of the heart is such a wonderful one that you are on. Keep showing that beautiful light of yours as the world needs your message more now than ever before. 🙂


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