“The One That Held On” ~by Linda Willows

My footsteps have never
been seen or found.
Discarded and passed
to paths lost in profound.
Too far from the Norm,
and too foreign from home
Scars break from a listen,
most forsake my life’s Roam.

Love never in doubt,
it poured full with each Storm.
Lightening struck all about
as if shock were the norm.
The words that I spoke,
unheard by all kin,
Left life that once nourished,
washed away in times grim.

Does dark mark the turns that
bring unexplained cruel recall?
I think not at all,
T’is these
loved most of All.
We each leave footprints
and Scars of Life’s Art.
Yet bold Tears embrace the One
that held on to this Heart.

©2012 Linda Willows

…A heart that breaks, life experiences that deeply wound, including early trauma, and repeated trauma in life can hone the skills to wisdom, survival, personal victories and garner strengths that many may not fathom from experiences far from the usual life. “Usual Life”, is one uncomplicated by trauma and wounding, much the kind that is often kept in silence.

Perhaps the soul has a chance to deepen through these “trials by fire”. The key, is in the constant return to Love and Healing and the supremacy of the Divine. In Brokenness, we are most vulnerable to release our own need to control our lives. We know that it is useless; finally we cry out to God and ask for Grace and Mercy. We seek His Heart for Healing as we bow before our Creator.

Love to you Each, Linda

(photo credit: Kevin Pinardy)


15 thoughts on ““The One That Held On” ~by Linda Willows

  1. Oh wow, Ms. Linda….you speak straight to my soul….although I am blessed/cursed with simplicity of speech, I relate 100% to what you are conveying here….words cannot say how much I cherish and appreciate this piece from your heart…..thank you for another morning blessing, my friend…..
    love you much

  2. Dearest Linda, this is wonderful. Your understanding of our place (and our path) is one of both peace and of beauty. Regardless of where we may be, we are never in a place we weren’t meant to be……. It took me a long time to realize that the key to moving on is paying attention to why I’m here in the first place. I love this. From my heart, thank you. ~ Bobbie

  3. Bless you for reminding us to ALWAYS remember the power of love, no matter how many times life brings us sorrow and trauma! I am totally enfolded and braced up by your words here! Hugs!

  4. in a world where people fear the storms
    you have expressed the ways of what is normal for some of us
    beautifully spoken thoughts to wind through ryhmes into the heart’s
    channels where they flow to give life to the unseen
    and the wanderers aren’t lost
    so they need not be found
    *sigh* I don’t think my words describe how I saw yours…
    Know I felt them and understood…
    Beautiful Linda…
    Take care…

  5. You have such a profound wisdom in your heart and soul, my dear friend. Thank you for this beautiful sharing …. ~ Love always, Julie xoxox

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