“Waters of Gold” ~by Linda Willows

Heart touched; kissed, by waters of gold
Beauty calms as sea unfolds
Heavens’ Gate floods all with It’s graced Light
That Love Receive all from the Night.

©2012 Linda Willows

(photo credit: Randy Mason)


14 thoughts on ““Waters of Gold” ~by Linda Willows

      1. Have a beautifulllllll Day 🙂
        I am going outside for a while – it’s supposed to rain here later – so gotta get outside whilst i can …..
        Huggs xo

  1. Such a beautiful image and words to go with – the certain grace in letting go – in allowing love and light to make us one – with the light, with the sea, with the world. Exquisite work, Linda. ~ Love you, B xoxox

  2. Beautiful, tender and graceful words, dear friend – and I absolutely LOVE this photo, it’s exquisite! ~ Much love to you, Julie xoxox

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