“Bends Sharp in Love’s Fell” ~by Linda Willows

I cannot change
or even flood your heart,
not even speak in tones that reach
unless angels render
some tender chance
that inner dwelling soul
may offer love to it’s speech.

Lone times have held
for so many years
worn and whittled my frayed outer shell.
There are no buffers
left between
to soften what beckons
or bends sharp in Love’s Fell.

Now all that rails
or shoots through such softened Heart
is seized in the bellows of silence caught ways.
I weep alone,
in mute destiny’s darkened review
Recoiling in the sting
of Love’s memory days.

©2012 Linda Willows



16 thoughts on ““Bends Sharp in Love’s Fell” ~by Linda Willows

  1. I read it and i had to take three to four deep breaths, because of the haunting rhythm that just seemed to pull my heart within the words to taste of their breathtaking essence! This poem my sister is beautiful beyond words and their meanings. It is just awesome! Thanks for bringing its lasting beauty into my day! As a reader, and a lover of good poetry…I was swept away!


  2. Pure and powerful. I’ve always known that the poets who write of love the best are those who are willing to bleed ink……… This does that, Linda. It give us a piece of your heart and your love. I, for one, am humbled to know both. Thank you. ~ Much love, Bobbie


  3. Oh, Linda, this beautiful poem definitely touched me deeply. Powerful, sorrowful, filled with longing and vulnerability – a lovely, emotional write that draws me into the depth of your words and heart. I love this, dear friend. ~ Love, Julie xoxox


  4. Linda, Through these words we learn that even the one who comforts us, knows the great depths of the heart, as she is not untouched by its lessons. Thank you for showing us this tender part of you, and know that even if we cannot take away the scars, we all reach out healing hands to sooth them in you…
    Much love,


    1. thank you. No one is untouched. No one. I can see that it is the trails and the deepest markings of the heart that ultimately offer possibilities of wisdom and most cherished embraces of healing, reach and embrace towards All True and Lasting Love Eternal. Yet we live in two worlds binding both, healing, transforming and learning with every breath. Thank you Peter. Very kind of you, Linda


  5. even in sadness passion runs through your words…
    each scar strengthens the heart to breathe deeper
    and not take love or memories for granted….
    strength in your words…..wisdom breathes through the strength
    Take Care…


    1. I feel that the expression of pain or heartache in a poem takes courage and strength for the sake of the leap into Transparency. If written by the same hand that pray, aspires and Loves so deeply….it must be strength, else only teardrops onto the page, which also heals and needs compassion by the reader. Thank you for your deep understanding and own Wisdom,
      Love, Linda


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